LiTTLE HANGS: Treasuring Kids Artwork

Have you got piles or boxes around your home full of the art and craft that your kids bring home on a weekly basis from school?

You don't want to throw it out and would love to display some of the memorable and favourite pieces but not sure how to go about it.

Let us introduce you to a new company started by a local Bondi mum of three. LiTTLE HANGS will transform your child's artwork into beautiful, bespoke collages which are professionally cleaned up of coffee stains and creases, colour graded and framed so you can hang them proudly on your walls.


  • Individually hand photograph every piece of your child’s artwork using professional photographers

  • Carefully design and organise every piece by hand (not with a robot or program)

  • Over 20 years combined design experience

  • Print on superior Ilford Galerie Fine Art textured paper

  • Quality custom timber framing   

LiTTLE HANGS original pieces are designed to suit  every room in your house so they become not only a story of your child's artwork and their creative journey, but a cherished piece of art that looks like it belongs in your home.

We live in a modern world with a disposable throwaway culture, the ease with which we can replace things discourages us from caring for the things we buy, or from investing a little more and buying something that will last longer.

LiTTLE HANGS pieces are curated in similar vein to last 50, 100 or 500 years. A family anchor. Not only are they physically well made, but with bespoke, original heirloom design value, they are also aesthetically beautiful and timeless.

 For more information on the pieces created by LiTTLE HANGS including costs and how to order, visit the website.

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