Bountye - Search All Secondhand Sites In One Place

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Bountye is the new way of shopping. Bountye offers users unbeatable selection of preowned goods in order to reduce the number of items going into landfill.

Bountye is a search engine and aggregator that provides users with the ability to search multiple third-party sites for secondhand goods and online classifieds all in one place.

Buying secondhand stuff should be as easy as buying something new, which is why Bountye search all the secondhand goods marketplaces (secondhand clothes, motors, tickets, electronics etc.) around the world, to provide you with the best product range, search, and localisation.

Did you know that over 85% of textiles end up in landfill and furniture is the number one least-recycled item in a household, accounting for 4.1% of household waste.

So, with Bounty you get to help the environment and shop for the things you need in one location giving you convenience and keeping it local. Who knows you might meet a neighbour or two while you're shopping.

For more information, or to start shopping now, visit the website.

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