The Actors Pulse

The Actors Pulse is the leading Meisner technique acting school in the southern hemisphere offering a range of acting classes for stage and screen, to build outstanding actors with the right skills to succeed in the industry.

They work with their students to create real, moving, authentic performances, across stage, film and television. At The Actors Pulse, they offer a wide range of courses that cover film, stage, television, voice and movement. 

New York Teen Acting Classes

The New York Teen Acting Class is a unique opportunity for teenage students to learn the craft of acting for both stage and screen in a very specific step-by-step formula that allows each student to grow individually, learning the fundamental steps of story. 

Stories have been with us for thousands of years, enabling mankind to grow and communicate through true events and dreams. At The Actors Pulse not only do our teens develop their instincts and confidence under the structured guidance curriculum of Billy Milionis, who personally studied under the great Sanford Meisner, they also learn to tackle the English language through acting, making them more confident and better equipped for job interviews in the future and therefore making them more employable and better versed in English, to tackle the higher levels of their schooling as well. 

Primarily built and designed as the most sort after technique in the world it also serves other areas that become life skills.  

Terms are 9 weeks long and run in conjunction with school terms.

When:       Fridays 4.30-6pm; Saturdays 9.30-11am & 11.30am-1pm
Cost:         1 class/wk $330/term; 2 classes/wk $600/term; 3 classes/wk $770/term

Teen Voice

Want to be an actor? Your voice is one of your most important assets. This course is aimed at young actors from 11-16 years old, who want to use their voice in a more powerful way.

  • Learn different accents to suit your characters
  • Understand how you breathe and how to strengthen your voice
  • Get yourself heard with a clear, strong voice

The Actors Pulse voice classes are a fun, effective, way to develop your voice in a way that will help you stand out from the rest.

When:       Saturdays 2-3.30pm
Cost:         1 class $360/term

For more information, visit the website.

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