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Sydney Tennis Coaching is based in Burwood, Sydney.

They aim to provide nearby residents with the opportunity to learn new tennis skills or polish up on ones that you may already have. With a wide range of coaching options available, they aim to provide a valuable experience that not only helps you understand and play the game of tennis, but how to have fun while you’re doing it.

Sydney Tennis Coaching focuses on developing sound fundamentals to enable our students to improve in an efficient and flexible manner. With a vision to provide students with quality and affordable tennis lessons, they use innovative methods to give students enjoyable learning experiences.

Great systems:
- Modified tennis balls are used in teaching for beginners and kids.
- Video analyses are used to provide visual feedback for intermediate players on their techniques.
- Footwork and shot selection drills are used to improve tournament players' consistency, fitness and confidence

Sydney Tennis Coaching offers a variety of classes for different skill levels, ages and groups sizes. 

Mums & Bubs: Designed for kids 5 and under, the lesson involves the parents pairing up with their children to teach them basic motor skills and tennis techniques. This improves the bonding between the parent and kids while providing the mothers with a chance to get back to sport gently.

Kids Group Lesson: Designed for kids 5 and over. Group lessons are great ways for kids to learn the sport while also meeting new friends. Cooperative games are frequently used to build teamwork. Competitive games will be introduced later to help kids understand how to deal with winning and losing.

Squad: Designed for strong intermediate to advanced adult players, squads focus on rallying and game play to improve the player’s ability in real match situations. Physical training and tactical awareness will be priorities in squad.

Semi-private lessons: Great for siblings, friends or couples who want the quality of private lessons whilst sharing the cost.

Private lessons: For people of any age who want to develop their skills quickly and achieve an in-depth understanding of the game. Private lessons will be customized to suit the individual player’s needs and schedule.


Sydney Tennis Coaching runs tennis camps during the school holidays at Burwood Park Tennis Centre and is open to all children primary school age or above. The camps are run by qualified tennis coaches. The tennis camp begins at 9am for a full day of activities. Tennis camp is great way to help children stay active during the holidays by engaging them in various activities and encouraging them to meet new friends. Children are to bring a snack for morning tea and lunch.

For more information, visit the website.

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