Super Kids Tutoring: Early Literacy Skills for Pre-School and K-2 Children

  • Preschoolers

Super Kids Tutoring is a boutique tutoring service for 3-8 year old children. They focus on teaching pre-literacy skills to pre-school children and support K-2 children in learning how to read, write and spell.

Their evidence based, multi-sensory method is very motivating for children and has proven results. Children learn through doing and making, using their senses and playing fun games. Teaching metacognition and instilling a growth mindset underpin all lessons and contribute to healthy learning habits.

They Offer: 

  • School readiness group classes (3-5 year olds)
  • Kindergarten reading and writing group classes
  • Year 1 reading and writing group classes
  • Year 2 writing group classes
  • Individual tutoring (English and Maths)
  • Consulting services

The Super Kids Tutoring Difference: 

  • Specialised service catering for 3 - 8 year old children.
  • Small group classes of 4 students.
  • Boutique and personalised service.
  • Modern, clean facility with lift access.
  • Experienced and passionate Early Childhood Teacher with over 15 years experience.
  • Supportive and nurturing learning environment.
  • Fun and engaging learning activities using state of the art resources and interactive tools.
  • Ongoing child and parent feedback.
  • Instilling growth mindset practises and beliefs.
  • Activities to support your child’s learning at home.
  • Consulting services available.
  • Convenient Double Bay location with free parking, close to Woolworths, Woollahra Library, coffee shops and other amenities.

About Super Kids Tutoring

Fay Ligonis worked with the Department of Education for 15 years before founding Super Kids Tutoring to focus on the literacy problems she identified as a teacher. She is passionate about reading and writing and motivating her students to achieve and feel good about themselves whilst having fun in the process. Fay received extensive literacy training throughout her teaching career and continues her professional development as a Literacy Specialist beyond the school environment.

Noticing a close correlation between a child’s success with reading and writing and their self-esteem, quality of friendships and future learning and success in life, Fay decided to focus on the pivotal literacy learning years in a child's life, 3-8 years. She launched Super Kids Tutoring to help support the education system, families and more children reach their full potential.

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To enrol or for more information, please contact Fay on 0450 600 369 or [email protected] 

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"My daughter was given a very solid foundation in terms of spelling, grammar, pronunciation and discovered a love for both reading and writing. I credit Fay’s natural, empathetic, engaging, professional and fun teaching style, directly with giving my daughter the means to keep building on these basic but crucial skills."
Lucy, parent

"Fay is an enthusiastic, passionate educator who has helped our child build skills and confidence in math and literacy.  We can highly recommend her to parents seeking tutoring support for their children."
Bill, parent

"Thank you for helping me learn my letters and their sounds. I love playing the games, they help me focus and learn better. When I go to do my writing, my brain is already warmed up."
Zoe, student

"I like working with Fay because she makes learning interesting, fun and easy. She helps me to bring my ideas out to write better. I get excited to see Fay every week."
Demi, student