Study Space - School Readiness, Primary and High School Tutoring

Study Space provides innovative, ethical and personalised tuition and homework assistance across all New South Wales school syllabus subjects for students from years K-12.

Why Study Space teachers get results:
Unlike most other tuition centres, Study Space’s educators are primarily teachers with 5 to 40 years industry experience from Eastern Suburbs Private and NSW Public Schools giving students a competitive advantage.

The educators provide a structured and supportive platform that focuses on the New South Wales school curriculum that assists your child to achieve their future goals in general academic progress, homework success and excelled exam results. 

Help your child succeed:
Tutoring is available across a number of student needs to help them reach their goals, with a focus on

  • Helping students reach their full potential in a particular subject, whether a student is falling behind or needs to extend their subject knowledge. 
  • Selective schools, scholarship and private school entry exam preparation 
  • HSC and Naplan support whether it be exam techniques or specific subject content 
  • Helping students excel beyond the syllabus where they show interest and talent
  • Homework support
  • School readiness, and high school readiness programs 
  • Mentoring/ study buddy role to help set goals and to keep focussed

Study Space covers the entire syllabus from K-12:
Study Space can teach children from English and Maths, through to specialised subjects such as languages, public speaking and 4 unit subjects. 

Their expertise enables them to provide a positive experience in every session addressing student’s emotional, physical, spiritual and intellectual being.

Their philosophy is based upon a firm belief that your child can succeed given the proper encouragement, motivation and resources. They believe every child can learn, just not on the same day and in the same way. They recognise that children are all different and the same approach to study and learning which works for one child will not work for another! Therefore a tailored approach with personalised strategies will work and help your child learn more effectively.

Reduce stress with Study Space:
At Study Space they strive to reduce the stress for you and your child from the pressures of today’s education system and modern society. They do this by giving students support during their educational journey and provide a positive and powerful approach to learning for a head start in their future careers. 

Tuition at Study Space is not designed to overload your child. Lessons always compliment what your child learns at school or if their weekly homework needs completing with guidance. They use the updated Department of NSW Syllabus and outcomes to implement, plan and assess their lessons.

The specialised and unique educational programs encourage your child’s individuality. They take their time to assess and understand your child to help them grow in areas of self-esteem, independent thinking and confidence. This will enable them to develop passion for learning and improve their cognitive function.

Where are classes?
Study Space is conveniently located in the heart of Double Bay at level 1, Kiaora Lane Tower (Lingate House), Kiaora Lane opposite 1888 Butchers and Woolworths that provides convenient and free one (1) hour parking to drop off or pick up your child. They also have zoom classes now available if that works with your lifestyle.

The premises are modern, tranquil and filled with natural sunlight, and consist of partitioned work stations for distraction free private lessons designed to maximise your child’s focus during their lesson.

For further information, visit the website and don't forget to follow Study Space on facebook and instagram.

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