Seriously Addictive Mathematics: The Singapore Maths Program to Empower Your Child in Maths & in Life! (4-12yrs)

Just knowing how to calculate or work through mathematical operations is no longer enough in our ever-changing world! Children need to be equipped with analytical, problem-solving and critical thinking skills to be able to deal with complex real-world situations. They also need to develop skills in simplifying complex problems, solve them, and communicate their solutions effectively.

S.A.M. Seriously Addictive Mathematics is the world’s largest Singapore Maths specialist that uses the world renown Singapore Maths* pedagogy as its foundation to offer a holistic and multi-disciplinary approach towards empowering children aged 4 to 12 years old with such valuable life skills. It is effective as a standalone curriculum or a supplement to current school maths programs, and is recommended and trusted by parents in 16 countries worldwide.

With over 30,000 pages of carefully crafted thinking worksheets, and combined with motivating and creative classroom experiences, the S.A.M. Approach makes learning fun and interesting. Students will have deeper conceptual understanding and learn effective problem-solving heuristics that are not traditionally taught at schools. Together with our separate English program, Seriously Addictive English, that is just as fantastic, students get a complete education uplift!

It is our aim, through regular feedback and coaching, to help children develop an attitude of self-discovery and learning at a young age, to inculcate the right learning attitude and self-discipline, and empower them with these important skills that will help them excel not only in Maths and English, but also in other areas of life!

* Since 1995, Singapore Maths has ranked top internationally among more than 49 countries (including Australia) according to the TIMSS (Trends in International Maths & Science Study) survey.

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