The McDonald College After Hours Program: Dance Classes For Kids

  • Preschoolers

Young performers from 3 - 18 years of age can immerse themselves in a whole new world of dance and ignite their artistic expression at The McDonald College After Hours Program in Sydney's Inner West.

The McDonald College After Hours Program

The McDonald College After Hours Program offers classes from PreSchool Dance to RAD Classical Ballet with a curriculum designed to cater to a broad range of interests and skill levels.

Led by an exceptional and renowned faculty, The McDonald College instructors bring a wealth of expertise to dance education, fostering a supportive and inspiring learning environment in every class. The McDonald College is also the only school in Sydney equipped with nine spacious air-conditioned dance studios with premium tarkett flooring ensuring the most comfortable classes for dancers. The college also boasts performance opportunities at prestigious venues including NIDA and Seymour Centre where all students get the opportunity to showcase their talents in front of an audience.

With a diverse schedule of classes for kids from tots to teens, including RAD Classical Ballet, Pointe Work, Contemporary, Musical Theatre, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, and PreSchool Dance, there is something for every budding dancer at The McDonald College After Hours Program.

McDonald College After Hours Ballet
Little ballerinas at McDonald College After Hours.

Classes & Programs at the After Hours Program

  • Pre-School Ballet - Perfect for tiny twirlers, these popular open-style dance classes cater to the youngest ballerinas from ages 3 - 4 years, providing a nurturing environment where they are safe to express themselves creatively. Classes are designed to give young children an understanding of music, rhythm, movement, concentration, and motor skills in a way that is fun!
  • RAD Classical Ballet - Classical Ballet is an essential component of every dancer’s repertoire, fostering balance, grace, agility, core strength, and discipline. The Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) is one of the largest and most influential dance education and training organisations in the world, with the utmost attention to detail.
  • Commercial Jazz - This highly choreographed dance form features a mixture of sharp and fluid movements, popping & locking, and animated expressions similar to dances seen in commercial video clips. These are fun, ‘freestyle’ type of classes.
  • Contemporary - One of the most dominant genres for dance training throughout the world, this expressive dance style fuses various genres including lyrical, modern, jazz, and classical ballet, connecting the mind and body through fluid dance movements.
  • Eisteddfod Groups - If your child is ready for the limelight, The McDonald College After Hours Program holds a series of auditions for students at the start of each year to become a part of an Eisteddfod Group that will go on to produce a progressive and engaging dance piece. The& emphasis is on strong commitment and team spirit, not just winning!
  • Hip Hop - Inspired by ‘street’ dance styles, Hip Hop dance is a popular, energetic, and animated dance style. Classes focus on learning unique techniques including breaking, locking, and popping, while having a lot of fun!
  • Lyrical - Marrying ballet and jazz dance techniques, Lyrical dance challenges choreographers and dancers to use motion to interpret music and express emotion. It is a passionate and emotional style that aims to tell a story through movement, interpreting music and lyrics through dance.
  • Musical Theatre - These theatrical performance classes focus on telling a story through words, music, dance, and staging as an integrated whole. Fun Sing and Dance is a precursor to the Musical Theatre classes for pre-schoolers who want to learn how to sing and dance. Kids 6+ are allocated varying relevant classes each week.
  • Open Tap Classes - It's all in the feet! Open Tap classes are designed to teach strong tap techniques in a relaxed studio atmosphere, learning heel and toe tap movements that& deliver rhythmic audible beats.

The McDonald College After Hours Program also offers private dance, acting, and music lessons and school holiday programs.

The McDonald College After Hours Program
Jazz classes at The McDonald College After Hours Program.

2024 Terms Dates

Term 1: Monday 29 January - Saturday 13 April
Term 2: Monday 29 April - Saturday 29 June
Term 3: Monday 22 July - Saturday 28 September
Term 4: Monday 14 October - Saturday 7 December

Take a look at the current McDonald College After Hours Program 2024 Class Schedule for a timetable of classes and fee structures.

The McDonald College is located at 17 George Street, North Strathfield. There is direct gate access from the North Strathfield train station.

For more information and to secure your child's place, visit The McDonald College After Hours Program

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