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Kinetic Dance Force teach skills, not classes. Our coaches attend training and workshops all year so we can offer the best in tuition for our athletes.

Whether your child wants to compete and perform or simply move and have fun, Kinetic Dance Force have something to offer them.

Kinetic Dance Force is one of the leading Cheer & Dance Clubs in Sydney’s Inner West. 

At their club, KDF believes every child has the potential to be a great athlete and create an environment where they can flourish.

About Kinetic Dance Force

Located in the Sydney suburb of Concord, Kinetic Dance Force is a comprehensive All-Star club within the Inner West region. Opening in 2014, we have four studios and multiple programs on offer for children from ages 3 to 18 years.

To promote a culture of excellence, they refer to their students as athletes and their teachers as coaches. Your child won’t join a class but will be placed in a ‘team’, where they can build their skills and get to know amazing new friends. 

The coaches at Kinetic Dance Force have a vast range of experience across disciplines. They are constantly upskilling so they can give their athletes the best possible training.

Dance Programs

Kinetic Dance Force offers a variety of cheer and dance programs for all ages and abilities.
We offer over 30 options a week in many different styles including Acrobatics, Cheerleading, Dance and more.

Our approach is supportive and positive so your child’s love of dance and cheer can flourish.

Jazz and Pom

Experience the Energy of Jazz!

Jazz & pom are energetic and fun, consisting of unique moves, fancy footwork and big leaps and quick turns. 

Athletes will enjoy learning creative moves while building their agility, musicality and self-expression. These skills come in handy in dance, cheer and in life!

Acrobatics and Tumbling

Stretch, Twist, Tumble and Turn!

Acrobatics teaches tumbling skills such as cartwheel, walkovers, handsprings as well as basic contortion and partner stunts. The movement of acrobatics is fluid compared to tumbling which is very sharp, so it can be added into dance routines seamlessly. 

Our acrobatic athletes must also execute their skills on mats as well as hardwood floor, and we encourage them to learn a routine which is performed at the end of year show.  Tumbling is taught in the style of cheerleading, sharing the skills that are necessary for cheer routines. Athletes do not have to do cheerleading to join this team. 

KDF have a focus on safety so athletes learn what is required for them to execute these skills correctly and with a minimal risk of injury.

Ballet and Contemporary

Glide, Spin, Leap and Perform!

Contemporary dance is versatile and pushes the boundaries of the body’s natural movement. Athletes who learn this discipline tell stories through expressive movement while incorporating elements of classical ballet and modern jazz. 

Ballet is a graceful form of dance that is fundamental to all styles of dance. The techniques taught remain important to build each athlete’s strength and correct body placement.

Hip Hop

Bust some moves on the floor!

Modern and dynamic, hip hop is certainly addictive. This powerful, high-energy dance style relies on a punchy beat and a little bit of attitude! Children master individual moves before learning to build up to longer routines. 

Hip Hop is an excellent skill to bring to other dance or cheer classes and KDF athletes love these dynamic classes.

Musical Theatre

Got Stars in Your Eyes?

KDF's musical theatre program delivers a mix of singing, dancing and acting. Athletes who take musical theatre lessons combine their love of song with dance in these energetic and diverse classes. Jump, dance and sing to some of Broadway’s most memorable tunes.

Private Lessons

Build your skills one on one!

Private lessons give athletes the chance to fast-track their technique and skills. 

Enrol your child if they are motivated to achieve more as a dancer, acrobat or cheerleader. 

Focus Groups

Five Week Intensive Training.

Want to master an acrobatic skill like somersaults or walkovers? 

These semi-private focus groups take place over a five week period and coach athletes in a particular move or skill so they can apply it safely and effectively in their other training. 

KDF are NSW APPROVED Active & Creative Kids Providers so you can claim $100 off the cost of tuition fees.

To help you decide if our club is right for you, we offer a FREE trial class. Click here to get started with a free lesson or click on one of our programs below to find out more.

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