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Global Education Academy is an award-winning tutoring company that changes the way children learn and teachers teach.

Dr. Majeda Awawdeh had extensive experience teaching mathematics at a high school level when she made it her mission to find out why students find mathematics so challenging. Her research into mathematics education and cognition revealed the secret sauce that allowed her to teach in a way that helped kids understand. After completing her Ph.D. at UNSW, she decided to put the theory into practice, creating the Global Education Academy.

 About Global Education Academy

Backed by her research into Cognitive Load Theory, Global Tutoring was established in 2011, and within two years it evolved into Global Education Academy (GEA), as a result of its founder's passion for teaching and her belief that education and knowledge should be shared. The research-based learning centre put its theories into practice and has transformed the learning experience.

Dr. Awawdeh’s previous experience at UNSW managing and writing International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) mathematics as well as the complex field of large-scale assessments gave her valuable insight into the specific learning needs of students. She also has extensive experience with writing General Achievement Test (GAT) for mathematics. Teaching mathematics in high schools for more than 25 years instilled in her an appreciation for teaching for UNDERSTANDING.

Dr. Awawdeh founded a like-minded team of educators who believe in teaching for understanding and trained them all to share the same values and dedication.

Who is Global Education Academy for?

GEA is for devoted parents who want their child’s performance and potential to advance with an exclusive Tutoring Academy empowering them with the ability to change the way their child is taught to understand, think and learn for life. The quality of the GEA teachers delivers an award-winning structured curriculum across all core subjects and unique problem-solving UPSL™ Strategy through their Five-C Method™, students thrive by unlocking a world of confidence and possibilities.

Your children will have exclusive access to GEA's elite Learning Community, you will experience high-value connections through shared perspectives and premium experiences while supporting the Global Learning Movement to provide education for those less fortunate. Joining GEA unlocks a world full of potential.

Clarity is Power

Do you feel like you are left in the dark when it comes to your child's abilities and performance? Is their school report a mismatch between their ability and their performance? School reports do not say much. In addition, it is almost impossible to get to meet the school teacher more than twice a year. Yet, when you meet your child's teacher, the feedback given is quite general with no direction for a future focus or plan.

GEA can provide you with clarity and they can conduct different types of assessments: Diagnostic, Formative, Summative and Benchmark assessments. Their curriculum is communicated with parents who get to see what their child learns. 

Benchmark Assessments

Our initial diagnostic assessment has four goals. It is for students who wish to sit the selective test, the scholarship test, or the OC test.


  • Clarity on students’ performance
  • Clarity on students’ potential
  • Learning plan to achieve your goal


  • Conducted by GEA assessors (teacher or head teacher)
  • Meeting with you for 30 min to give you a full analysis of the assessment
  • Provide you with a learning plan

Students who want to join the OC program or the Selective and Scholarship program will sit this assessment. The objective of this assessment is to uncover students’ level of performance, areas of strengths and weaknesses, and more importantly their untapped potential.

It will be followed by an in-depth report with the head educational expert. The GEA assessor will discuss the assessment with parents and answer all your concerns and questions. The assessment also shows where the student stands in terms of their ability to join the program as is, or whether an intervention plan is needed.

Diagnostic Assessments

  • To uncover the areas of proficiency and measure any misconceptions.
  • To highlight the reasons behind any deficits.
  • To reveal the untapped potential of a student.
  • To measure where the child is at.


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