FlipRobot Academy. Live Online Coaching. Robotic Construction And Coding from Home

FlipRobot Academy is an After School and Holiday Program with the best robotics education solution that prepares students for their successful future. They teach robotics and coding with essential 21st-century STEM skills. They engage students and build confidence so students today can successfully participate in future opportunities and solving future problems by developing the right skill set and the right mindset empowering them to navigate the future workplace no matter the breadth and pace of change. 

Why STEM is the essential skills required for future success
In the next 30 years, 75% of the fastest-growing professions will require STEM-related skills. 50% of professions today will disappear, 50% of professions in the next 30 years don’t even currently exist. Young students of today will experience dozens of career changes and dozens of jobs in each career. 

Mars, Smart Cities, Humanoid Robots – Learn Robotics and Coding from Fascinating Themes
FlipRobot Academy designs programs that are not only fascinating but are highly relevant, with contemporary themes like smart cities, automation, healthcare, smart food production, bionic limbs, and much more. They chose to teach STEM using robotics and coding because they integrate the fundamental engineering concepts like design, build, testing, development, and computational logic. Students collaborate and develop robots and codes to solve real-life problems.

Significantly, robotic learning is rich with multidisciplinary principles and is a hands-on way of developing students’ critical STEM skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, computational thinking, design thinking, collaboration, communication, and most importantly curiosity and imagination. 

An Education Model For Our Times

Effective and Unique Course Delivery:

  • Learn robotic assembly, engineering, and coding from home
  • Robotic kit delivered to students home
  • Live online, real-time coaching, and classes recorded for continuous learning

Exciting and fun Courses:

  • Fascinating contemporary theme based courses
  • Solve real-world problems with robotics
  • Hardware assembly, coding and fun challenges

Personal Development Included:

  • Growth Mindset for success
  • Seven Survival Skills, the transferable 21st-century skillset
  • Design Thinking and Computational Thinking

Empower your child for their future success, enrol now.

Prices start from $250.00.

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