BAYS All Stars Dance, Cheer and Acrobatic Classes

  • Toddlers

BAYS All Stars believes every child has the potential to be a great athlete. They create an environment where children can flourish.


Acrobatics and Tumbling

Acrobatics teaches tumbling skills such as cartwheel, walkovers, handsprings as well as basic contortion and partner stunts. The movement of acrobatics is fluid compared to tumbling which is very sharp, so it can be added into dance routines seamlessly. 

Acrobatic athletes must also execute their skills on mats as well as hardwood floor, and we encourage them to learn a routine which is performed at the end of year show.  Tumbling is taught in the style of cheerleading, sharing the skills that are necessary for cheer routines. Athletes do not have to do cheerleading to join this team. 

They have a focus on safety so athletes learn what is required for them to execute these skills correctly and with a minimal risk of injury.

Jazz and Pom

Jazz & pom are energetic and fun, consisting of unique moves, fancy footwork and big leaps and quick turns. 

Athletes will enjoy learning creative moves while building their agility, musicality and self-expression. These skills come in handy in dance, cheer and in life!

Hip Hop

Modern and dynamic, hip hop is certainly addictive. This powerful, high-energy dance style relies on a punchy beat and a little bit of attitude! Children master individual moves before learning to build up to longer routines. 

Hip Hop is an excellent skill to bring to other dance or cheer classes and KDF athletes love these dynamic classes.

Private Lessons

Private lessons give athletes the chance to fast-track their technique and skills. 

Enrol your child if they are motivated to achieve more as a dancer, acrobat or cheerleader. 

In School Programs

BAYS ALL STARS specialises in curriculum, age-based movement programs for Kindergarten to Year 12 students. They deliver engaging and relevant Dance, Cheerleading and Acrobatic programs which have been developed to help schools and teachers facilitate these activities. Their programs develop students’ social skills, confidence, fitness levels, creativity, expressive skills and coordination, ensuring we provide a safe, positive and stimulating environment for all students!

Quality outcomes to our programs include in-school Dance teams, curriculum-based programs and school concerts, giving students the opportunity to expand their physical literacy and share their dance experience.

Vacation Care

The aims and objectives of the Bays Vacation Programs remain the same as their term programs, with a high emphasis on self-confidence and physical fitness. They also encourage the students to interact with different age groups and develop their social skills.

For each set of school holidays, they have a particular theme. The dance instructor provides music for an hour of fun. The best part is that they bring their programs to you!

  • Dance
  • Cheerleading
  • Arcobatics 

They specialise in facilitating in-school programs where dance is used as a vehicle to develop students’ social skills, confidence and creativity. Students will experience various dance styles including hip hop, funk, jazz, cheerleading and acrobatics. 

  • Curriculum requirement
  • School concerts and Parent Presentations
  • Graduations and Formals
  • End of year celebrations
  • Health hustles
  • Secondary Pastoral Care and PE programs

Birthday Parties

Looking for more fun and active way to celebrate your child's birthday?

BAYS All Stars will let you have a memorable celebration for your child and your guests too! A dance party full of fun, lifts, stunts and energy!

Your guests will enjoy dance/cheer-themed activities and games. BAYS All Star coaches will help them warm up and do some stretching before trying out some stunts and tumbling and making their own dance routine.

BAYS ALLSTARS Party Package Inclusions:

  • 1.5 hrs of cheerleading, tumbling, stunts and games
  • Access to a variety of equipment BAYS All Stars Party Coach Printable party invitations to send to attending guests
  • A special birthday gift for the birthday girl/boy


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