Art of Growth - Personal Leadership & Life Skills Program for Youth

Is your child struggling with procrastination, lack of motivation, social awkwardness or fear of public speaking?

Art of Growth empowers youth to realise their true potential and blossom into the most powerful versions of themselves.

At Art of Growth, they empower youth with skills and tools that help them confidently deal with changes and challenges as they transition through high school and their teenage years, and develop into focused, committed, and motived individuals.

Established in 2015, it is a unique face to face interactive personal development and life skills program delivered via workshops designed specifically for today’s youth aged 10-18 years.

The program focuses on developing strong communication and social skills and building confidence. It is delivered in a safe fun filled environment by professionals who are passionate about empowering, engaging and inspiring teenagers to realise and maximise their true potential.

Proven to lead to;

  • Increased participation in extracurricular activities
  • Leadership opportunities at school and outside
  • Positive socialisation experience
  • Increased employability through development of skills and attributes sought after by employers
  • Higher academic achievement
  • Withstanding peer pressure and bullying

Your investment in your child's future and in giving them a true head start in life is $50 per session.

Program Outline

The Skills for School Program consists of three modules, each delivered over two semesters of eight two-hour sessions per year.

Module 1 – Basics of Effective Communication & Public Speaking

Focus of Module 1 is on overcoming reluctance to speaking in front of a group and to voice one’s opinion and developing confidence and effectiveness in structuring and delivering speeches, which we consider the foundation for personal development and personal leadership. 

Module 2 – Public Speaking (Advanced) & introduction to Personal Development

Module 2 focuses on advanced public speaking & communication skills. Members develop skills and ability to present and communicate effectively with confidence and engage the audience fully in a range of situations. 

They also learn number of essential life skills including effective time management techniques and organizational skills, and participate in problem solving and trust building team activities

Module 3 – Introduction to Personal Leadership - “Personal leadership is taking responsibility for all aspects of your life and leading it in the direction that is best for you.”

Focus of module 3 is on creating an understanding of the importance of taking responsibility and ownership for one’s own development in realising their true potential. Members learn to set SMART, value centric goals and how to use personal development plans and vision boards to succeed in achieving their goals in life.

Note: Creative kids vouchers accepted.

If you want to kickstart your child's development journey, please find more information at Art of Growth.


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