XS: Prehistoric VR

  • Sat Sep 22 - Sun Oct 07 2018
  • Kids
  • $10

Dive beneath 200 million years of history and swim with some of the prehistoric ocean’s strange and wonderful creatures in this ground-breaking VR experience.

In an event that introduces kids to palaeontology in a cutting-edge way, meet creatures from Australia’s prehistoric past, including bioluminescent jellyfish, Anglerfish, Paracyclotosaurus, Dickinsonia, Plesiosaurus and Kronosaurus.

Adapted from visual theatre company Erth’s acclaimed large-scale stage show, Erth's Prehistoric Aquarium, this is the first 360-degree VR puppetry experience of its kind.

Designed for ages 7 and up, Prehistoric VR is a stunning deep sea adventure for kids and their parents.

Commissioned by ACMI, with assistance from Create NSW, and developed by Erth Visual & Physical Inc. and Handmaid Media in partnership with AFTRS and Start VR.

10.30am - 4.30pm, 22 Sep – 7 Oct 2018.