Wangka Kutjara, Tjukurpa Kutju Exhibition

  • Sat Jun 30 - Sun Sep 02 2018
  • All Ages
  • $0.00
Wangka Kutjara, Tjukurpa Kutju (language for ‘Two Voices, One Tjukurpa’) examines the mother-daughter relationship of Anangu women Puna Yanima and Linda Puna. The exhibition focuses on the strength and importance of respected senior women in the community, and the significance of passing on cultural knowledge to the next generation. 

Puna Yanima is a respected senior Anangu woman who has a strong connection to country and traditional law, as well as a deep knowledge of nma (ceremonial music and dance). Linda Puna’s paintings combine Tjukurpa (foundation of Anangu life and society) with day-to-day observations, incorporating objects such as 4WDs, houses, windmills and water tanks. Remarkably, Linda is the first Anangu woman to live in a remote community whilst being dependent on a motorised wheelchair. She shares her joyful and unique perspective through bold brush strokes and strong colours, bringing to life the reality of remote community life.

Presented by Linden New Art in partnership with Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria.

What you need to know:

When: 10am to 3pm Wednesday - Sunday until September 2, 2018

Where: Domain House, Dallas Brooks Drive, Melbourne Vic 3004

For more information: see the website.