St Martins Youth❜s Performing Term 2 Workshops (5-8 yrs)

  • Tue Apr 23 - Fri Jun 28 2019
  • Kids
  • $340 for the whole term

Many young people come to St Martins because they want to be more confident. Some have energy to burn. Some love drama and want to pursue a professional career. While others just want to have fun and make new friends.

At St Martins they create a safe space so every student can explore their needs and passions. The St Martins Term 2 workshop program challenges children to question their assumptions and develop their own world-view.

Term 2 Workshops Offered:

Their 5-8-year-old workshops are about developing confident, creative, well-rounded children who can speak up and share their point of view. Their workshop artists work alongside the young people to support them to create work on their own terms.

The content of each workshop comes organically from the needs and capabilities of each group — who they are, how they make sense of the world, and how they want to contribute to it. They give the children an experience of all performance models. This means they gain a broader understanding of what it means to be an artist, not just an actor.

Early in the year, they spend time getting to know each other, laying the basic foundations of performance and exploring the broad themes around the company-wide investigation. As the children are at the early stage of their creative exploration, they focus on improvisation, games and imaginative play.

They offer them a creative stimulus that they respond to through physical and vocal improvisations. The workshops encourage the students to become comfortable projecting their voice, physicalising ideas and emotions, and making creative offers in the room. These improvisations also help them learn how to form a dramatic language, gain confidence communicating and to collaborate with children outside of school.

Where:     South Yarra and Northcote
When:      Term 2. From 23 April to 28 June 2019
Cost:        $340 for the whole term

For more information, visit the website.

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