Speaking Schools Australasia Holiday Workshops

  • Wed Apr 03 - Wed Apr 17 2024
  • Kids
  • Various depending on program type and length, see website for detailsĀ 

Speaking Schools Australasia offers an array of holiday workshops designed to help children from Kindergarten to Year 9 enhance their speaking skills and boost their confidence. These workshops cater to various skill levels and focus on different areas of interest.

Speaking Schools Australasia Holiday Workshops

Since its inception in 2015, Speaking Schools Australasia has assisted over 15,000 students in honing their speaking abilities. The institution prioritises creating a welcoming environment and keeping class sizes small to ensure each student receives personalised attention and constructive feedback from expert coaches.

The workshops are systematically arranged based on year group, skill level, and topic area, providing every student with an opportunity to excel. Emphasising the principle of "learning by doing", students are actively encouraged to participate and practice their speaking skills in a supportive atmosphere.

Speaking Schools Australasia offers a range of fun and educational workshops in debating and public speaking.

By providing individualised feedback and multiple opportunities for students to speak, Speaking Schools Australasia aims to help students bring their words to life, boosting their confidence in their ability to express themselves effectively.

Various school holiday courses are on offer, each designed with specific skill levels and objectives in mind. Ranging from beginner to advanced courses in public speaking and debating, each workshop provides an engaging and interactive environment for students to learn and grow.

Autumn School Holiday Courses

Speaking Skills Bumblebees

Kindy, Mixed Experience

A two-day program for students in Kindergarten that allows them to develop their communication skills through interactive games and activities. For more info, click HERE

Presentation Skills Tabby Cats

Years 1 & 2, Beginner Students

The perfect holiday workshop for early primary students just starting out at school and looking to find their feet. A fun introduction to speaking in front of a group. For more info, click HERE

Presentation Skills Tigers

Years 1 & 2, Experienced Students

The Tigers workshop provides interactive and fun activities to both deepen students' understanding of how to best present in front of a class and to further develop their confidence in speaking to audiences. Over the autumn holidays, the focus will be on Informative Speeches. For more info, click HERE

Speaking Camp Koalas

Years 3 & 4, Beginner Students

The Koalas program is an interactive, activity-based workshop that introduces beginner-level mid-primary students to the exciting world of public speaking and debating. This program helps students gain confidence in their ability to communicate effectively, while also teaching them the basics of public speaking and debating. For more info, click HERE

Speaking Camp Kangaroos

Years 3 & 4, Experienced Students

This workshop for experienced speakers enables students to apply their speaking skills in a variety of novel situations, developing their confidence, critical thinking and resilience even further. Over the autumn holidays, the focus will be on Informing Audiences. For more info, click HERE

Speak Out Hummingbirds

Years 5, 6 & 7, Introductory Program

A foundational workshop tailored for students seeking an introduction to the captivating realms of public speaking and debating. It serves as a gentle initiation, laying a solid groundwork for further development. For more info, click HERE.

Debating Hawks

Years 5 & 6, Experienced Students

This is a workshop for students with some debating experience that allows them to consolidate their knowledge, practice their debating skills and gain exposure to interesting and pertinent topics. For more info, click HERE.

Public Speaking Polar Bears

Years 6. 7 & 8, Mixed Experience 

The Public Speaking Polar Bears workshop provides students with the chance to nurture a wide array of invaluable skills in the art of public speaking. This program empowers students to cultivate their abilities and unlock their true potential. For more info, click HERE.

Practice Debates

Years 7, 8, 9 & 10, Experienced Students

This engaging and interactive workshop offers high school students a unique opportunity to enhance their skills through a combination of practice debates and theoretical sessions, fostering growth and success in the art of debating. For more info, click HERE. 

At Speaking Schools Australasia, every student is given multiple opportunities to speak in a fun and welcoming environment.

Where:   Locations in Box Hill, Brighton, Canterbury, Footscray and Online
When:    3 - 17 April 2024
Cost:      From $230

For more information visit Speaking Schools Australasia or contact Mark on 0404 107 372 or contact@speakingschools.com.au.

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