Make Believe: The Story of the Myer Christmas Windows

  • Fri Nov 30 2018 - Sat Feb 09 2019
  • All Ages
  • Included with museum entry.

Make Believe: The Story of the Myer Christmas Windows is a magical, glittering, experience for children and adults alike, inviting lovers of this cherished Melbourne tradition to reconnect with the nostalgia of their childhood, and offering younger visitors the chance to experience it all with fresh eyes. A feast of magical models, working drawings, beloved books and playful puppets.

Each November, the unveiling of the annual Myer Christmas windows signals the start of the festive season in Melbourne. For generations, families have made the trip into town to gaze at the miniature make-believe worlds behind the glass, in what has for many become a beloved and unmissable tradition.

Make Believe: The Story of the Myer Christmas Windows is a new exhibition at the Melbourne Museum, connecting us to this shared memory, and revealing the magic and creative artistry behind the windows.

In a definitively Melbourne tradition that is now 62 years old, over one million people line up along Bourke Street Mall each year for a glimpse of the famous Myer Christmas Windows. The windows attract multigenerational visitors, as parents and grandparents reminisce on their childhood experiences of make-believe and continue the tradition with their own families.

In this exhibition, you will see more than 250 quirky and kitsch characters from windows past, along with sketches, prototypes, props and animatronics. Miniature worlds of wit, wonder and whimsy based on children’s storybooks unveiling the astonishing skill and artistry of the makers and creators. Together they tell the rich heritage of the Myer Christmas Windows.

Image credit: Melbourne Museum