Fiona Hall❜s Uneasy Seasons At NGV

  • Wed May 17 - Sun Oct 08 2017
  • Preschoolers
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Australian artist Fiona Hall’s lifelong passion for the natural world and her concerns about growing pressures on the environment comes alive in her latest exhibition at the NGV. 

Nestled beneath large treehouses are two contrasting spaces – one for children and one for teenagers – in which to contemplate environmental issues and take part in making activities. The space for children is a brightly lit environment that signals new beginnings. The dark, forest-like environment for teenagers is a night-time space in which to contemplate the vastness of the universe. Fiona Hall invites children and teens to respond to the space with their own thoughts about the world.

Children can choose to make a small creature, such as a tiny insect, spider, earthworm, snail or crab; or perhaps a bigger creature, such as a fish, frog, lizard, bird or furry animal. Over the exhibition period numerous species, brought to life by children, will make this space their new home.

What you need to know 

Address: NGV International, Ground Level

When: 13 April 2017 - 8 Oct 17

Opening Hours : 10AM - 5PM

For more information: visit website