18th Century Christmas at Cooks❜ Cottage

  • Sun Dec 01 - Tue Dec 31 2019
  • Family
  • Full $6.90, concession $5.20, child $3.70, family (2 adults, 2 children) $19.

Can you imagine what a traditional Christmas would be like in the 18th Century?

Cook's Cottage in Fitzroy Gardens will have an immersive display for all of December, where you can see how families in the 1700s heralded the festive season. I'm sure you'll find it's much different to today!

Originally located in Yorkshire, England, and built in 1755 by the parents of navigator and explorer Captain James Cook, Cooks’ Cottage was brought to Melbourne by Sir Russell Grimwade in 1934. The building was dismantled and each brick numbered, before being packed up into barrels and shipped to Australia for reassembly. It is the most incredible relic of the past. 

Where:    Fitzroy Gardens, 230-298 Wellington Parade, East Melbourne
When:     9am - 5pm until December 31
Cost:       Full $6.90, concession $5.20, child $3.70, family (2 adults, 2 children) $19

Image credit: City of Melbourne