This Is Where The Healthiest People Go On Vacation

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By: Phoebe Ackland, ellaslist

Norwegians truly have their stuff together. Consistently ranked the healthiest people in the world thanks to their seasonal, small-portion focussed eating habits, and voted the world's happiest people by the most recent United Nations report, it's no wonder that they know how to do travel right, too.

Norwegians have one prime destination in mind when it comes to holidaying: they go to 'Syden'. Syden can be loosely translated to 'the south', which for Norwegians, means heading someplace warmer. Wired describes it as not so much as one specific destination, but more of a state of mind; a holiday which meets certain criteria that we think everyone will enjoy.

According to the Huffington Post, all you have to do book a 'Syden' style vacation is to make sure it meets the following simple criteria:

1. It's Easily Reached

Syden traditionally involves a short journey such as a direct flight with no stopovers. For Norwegians, this usually means heading to the Mediterranean, but for Sydney-siders, it could maybe mean Byron Bay or even the Gold Coast.

2. It's Sunny & Warm With A Beach Or Pool

Norwegians are used to cold, dark winters so for their Syden vacations, they head to bright, sunny destinations. Apparently, heading to the beach or pool is one of the very first things Norwegians do on their vacation.

3. Affordable Food & Drink

Syden has been described by the Huffington Post as a "giant party." Cheap cocktails are on the itinerary but don't be fooled, Norwegians young AND old equally enjoy their Syden-style vacations. 

The other attractive feature of Syden is that Norwegians have no rules- they might stay for just a few days...or they might end up living there! More relaxed personalities can enjoy their Syden holiday doing not very much at all besides resting and eating, but more adventurous spirits will surf, go hiking, and explore the outdoors.


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