This European Destination Has Been Rated THE Best Place To Travel With Kids

By: Rosie Stevens, ellaslist

With fabulous food, a family-friendly feel and fantastic views and experiences that don’t rely on theme parks and entertainment centres, we’re not surprised that Greece has been voted Best Family Holiday Destination for 2018 by Travel Bulletin

It’s no secret that Greeks love children, which means that not only is the society geared towards including children in every activity (negating the need for the designated ‘kid time’ that many destinations require), but your kids will also be fussed over wherever you go. Winner, winner, delicious-Greek dinner. 

Here’s why you should put it on your family travel bucket list: 

The Food

On the subject of delicious Greek dinners, family meal times in Greece will be a breeze. The food is so good and so kid-friendly (fries, fresh tomatoes and troughs full of tzatziki, anyone?) that little hands will be clamouring for more over the table. If they’re feeling adventurous, they can try their taste buds at moussaka, the plethora of fresh seafood and classic, feta-laden Green salads. 


Alongside mouth-watering fayre, the dining experience is also really relaxed. Forget dinner sittings where you’re rushed through the meal and ushered out before you’ve barely finished (lookin’ at you, Sydney), the Greeks really know how to savour the art of mealtimes, creating a wonderful, relaxing experience at all. 

The Long, Summer Days


Wherever you end up on your Greek adventure, you’ll notice a calm, easygoing attitude towards things like bedtime routines. Even after the sun goes down, you’ll be surrounded by kids inventing games in town squares, playing hide ’n’ seek in alleyways or kicking a soccer ball around, meaning there’s no need for expensive babysitters.

The Beaches

Oh, the beaches! Big ones, small ones, pebbly ones and sandy ones create a wealth of options depending on what your family is after. The lack of actual ocean in Greece is more than made up for with the beautiful Ionian and Aegean Seas, which actually make them more kid-friendly, thanks to an absence of waves, tides and currents. 


If it’s a sandcastle and ice-cream beach holiday you and the family are after, a trip to Corfu, Rhodes, Lefkada or Paros should definitely be top of the agenda.

The Culture

Alongside the bounty of beautiful beaches and delicious foods on offer, Greece is also brimming with cultural attractions and activities—and spoiler; there are some pretty great ones for kids.


Athens is unmissable if you’re a family of culture vultures; and kids will especially love The National Garden, the Planetarium and the Museum of Greek Children’s Art. In addition, the Hellenic Children’s Museum offers Greek cooking and craft classes that kids can join in with, while the Allou Fun Park & Kidom towards the edge of the city promises unbridled amusement-park fun that they’ll love. 

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