The Most Unusual Beaches To Visit Around The World

By: Phoebe Ackland, ellaslist

From sparkling sand to aeroplanes swooping right above your head- check out some of these beautiful and bizarre beaches around the globe that you’ve just got to add to your bucket list!

Source: Bright Side Facebook

Punaluu Black Sand Beach, Hawaii Island

How amazing is the jet black sand?! It’s caused due to a lot of volcanic activity, and other beaches in Hawaii have been affected too, some boasting pure white and green sand! You might spy some green sea turtles sun-baking on the beach, a beautiful contrast to the black sand.

black sand

Source: Aloha Valley

Pink Sand Beach, Bahamas

The water at Pink Sand Beach is warm all year round and pretty much always calm and flat- perfect for a relaxing swim. It can be found in a laid back, coastal town unlike many of the touristy style vacation spots in the Bahamas- and just like its name, has gorgeous, pale pink sand.

pink sand

Source: Feel Planet

Maho Beach, The Caribbean

In case you missed it in the video- there’s an airport nearby, so if you’re standing on this gorgeous beach and look out to the horizon, it will feel like the low flying planes are swooping right down on you! Apparently, the winds from the jet can actually blow people into the water! Not your typical, relaxing beach.


Source: Benny Zheng Photography

The Shining Beach, Maldives

Simply magical! The glittering, sparkling sea seen at night are caused by microscopic organisms called ‘bioluminescent phytoplankton’. Footprints in the wet sand and foamy trails left by surfers when this is occurring will leave a glimmering trail behind them.

sparkle sand

Source: V-Talk Youtube

The Hidden Beach, Mexico

We bet you wouldn’t have thought this hidden beach was actually created by a bomb blast by the Mexican Government! To get there: you have to swim through a tunnel, emerging at the secret beach when you make your way to the other side.

travel zoo

Source: TRAVEL ZOO/Vallarta Adventures

One That Didn’t Make The List

If you haven’t heard about this one, you’re in for a treat! At Pig Beach at Big Major Cay in the Bahamas- you can literally swim with pigs. It’s an uninhabited island, except for feral pigs which let you swim with them and are really comfortable with human interaction. It’s a mystery how they got there and how they’re such great swimmers, but we just don’t care to ruin the magic of this one. The pigs sunbake, go for casual dips, and swim out to tourists’ boats to be fed! You have to chuck this one on the bucket list- we have a feeling kids will love it.

pigs 1

Source: When On Earth

unusual travel

Source: Unusual Travel

ny times

Source: Robin Schwartz for The New York Times


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