Six Of The Best Beaches In The World

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By: Marie Ashworth, ellaslist

Crystal clear waters, soft white sand, instagram-worthy sunsets and a warm welcome from the locals; just some of the reasons these beautiful beaches have been reviewed and rated by travellers of every type — including parents with kids in tow — as some of the very best in the world.

So, if you’re planning an extra special holiday with your family or like us, simply dreaming of one, be sure to check out these stunning destinations for your next family beach break.

1. Grace Bay, Providenciales, Turks and Caicos

Grace Bay Providenciales Turks & Caicos Grace Bay – Providenciales, Turks & Caicos

Why You’ll Love It … Grace Bay offers an endless stretch of soft powdery sand and water so clear you can see your toes. Families vouch for the choice of activities available in the bay and also for the warm welcome from friendly locals.

When To Go: Year Round

2. Baia do Sancho, Fernando de Noronha, Brazil

Baia do Sancho, Fernando de Noronha, Brazil Baia do Sancho – Fernando de Noronha, Brazil

Why You’ll Love It … it’s a snorkelling paradise with its waters  teeming with marine life. Kids will love swimming among sea turtles and big, colourful fish. This breathtaking beach is definitely worth the steep descent down a staircase built within the rock!

When To Go: Year Round

3. Playa Paraiso, Cayo Largo, Cuba

Playa Paraiso Cayo Largo Cuba

Playa Paraiso – Cayo Largo, Cuba

Why You’ll Love It … This untouched beach has the mandatory super-soft sand, beautiful azure blue waters and plenty of trees for shade. Plus, there’s a unique tide that creates shallow pools and lagoons. perfect for small children to wade and play in.

When To Go: Year Round

4. Anse Lazio, Praslin Island, Seychelles

Anse Lazio Praslin Island Seychelles Anse Lazio – Praslin Island, Seychelles

Why You’ll Love It …It’s a sandy paradise nestled between granite rocks with a backdrop of tropical trees providing shade. The warm waters – 28-29C year round – are perfect for kids to splash about in and a local restaurant serving fresh seafood comes highly recommended.

When To Go: Year Round

5. Cayo de Agua, Los Roques National Park, Venezuela

Cayo de Agua - Los Roques National Park Venezuela Cayo de Agua – Los Roques National Park Venezuela

Why You’ll Love It …Make the effort to reach Venezuela’s little known Los Roques and you’ll be rewarded with the stuff of holiday legends. Cayo de Agua is arguably the most beautiful sandbar beach, accessed only by boat, with a shallow water reef home to a huge variety of fish; the perfect place to snorkel.

When To Go: Year Round

6. Flamenco Beach, Culebra, Puerto Rica

Flamenco Beach Culebra Puerto Rica

Flamenco Beach – Culebra, Puerto Rica

Why You’ll Love It …Mountains form a stunning backdrop and soft coral reef sand tapers off gently into crystal clear blue waters. It’s virtually impossible to take a bad photo of Flamenco Beach!

When To Go: Year Round

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