Lake Cakora: NSW’s Tree of Life Lake

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Australia is full of eye-dropping natural wonders, many of which you’ve undoubtedly heard of or maybe even visited – from the Great Barrier Reef to WA’s Wave Rock, Lake Eyre, and who can forget Lake Hillier, aka Australia’s Pink Lake. But have you heard of NSW’s Tree of Life Lake?  

The Tree of Life Lake is another of Australia’s magnificent natural wonders that we have Mother Nature to thank for its unusual yet inspiring formation.

Lake Cakora: NSW’s Tree of Life Lake

Lake Cakora Tree of Life
Lake Cakora aka the 'Tree of Life Lake' in NSW.

The Tree of Life Lake is actually called Lake Cakora and it’s located on the NSW North Coast at Brooms Heads in the Clarence Valley (around seven hours north of Sydney). The Tree of Life lake gets its nickname because it looks just like the Tree of Life at certain times of the year.

Lake Cakora and Cakora Lagoon are linked to an estuary connecting them to the ocean at Brooms Head Main Beach. These three bodies of water are surrounded by tea trees, which, when flushed with large amounts of rain and seawater drizzle tea tree oil into Cakora Lagoon to create a fascinating arboreal pattern that resembles the Tree of Life - how amazing!

Have You Heard About Australia's Lake Magic?

Lake Cakora
Lake Cakora at low tide. Image via: Derry Moroney.

When looking at an aerial view of Lake Cakora and her Tree of Life formation, you’d be forgiven for thinking it couldn’t possibly be real. Real it most definitely is, and is one of Mother Nature’s beautiful quirks. 

Getting to Lake Cakora

Lake Cakora is quite a secluded lagoon that is not patrolled.

The best way to access Lake Cakora is to grab a canoe and wade your way through the estuary from Brooms Head Main Beach when the tide is right. Or, you can wait for low tide and go on an adventure by foot. The estuary stretches quite a way from the coast before opening up into Lake Cakora.  

Visiting Brooms Head

Brooms Head Beach
Brooms Head is a hidden gem on the NSW North Coast.

If you’re planning on visiting Lake Cakora and staying for a few days you’re in luck, Brooms Head is a family holiday destination all on its own and home of the super family-friendly Brooms Head Caravan Park.

Somewhat of a hidden treasure on the NSW North Coast, Brooms Head (or 'The Broom' if you’re a local) has plenty to offer visiting families who are keen for a beach holiday with some outdoor exploration on the side. Brooms Head is nestled between Coffs Harbour and Yamba and is part of Yuraygir National Park, so you know there’s natural beauty in abundance!

Brooms Head Camping

Brooms Head Caravan Park
Enjoy a family holiday at Brooms Head Caravan Park.

The quaint beach town of Brooms Head has a population of just over 200 people, so you won’t find much in the way of accommodation aside from camping.

Camping at Brooms Head is available in the National Park at Lake Arragan and Red Cliff Campgrounds, plus, Brooms Head Caravan Park offers 1.5-metres of complete beachfront accommodation.

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