Check Out This Incredible World-First Theme Park

By: Phoebe Ackland, ellaslist; Feature image courtesy of Robin Jerstad/Jerstad Photographics

Texas has a totally accessible, tropical-themed amusement and water park so that every member of the family can have some serious thrills, spills and splashes.

Morgan's Wonderland is a $17-million world-first and was constructed with the input of various doctors, therapists, teachers and parents to ensure that needs of visitors both with and without special needs are comfortably accommodated. It has recently received the addition of a water park called Morgan's Inspiration Island, together, the two play worlds offering a family experience full of all kinds of fun.

Robin Jerstad/Jerstad Photographics

No Detail Has Been Overlooked

A lot of care and consideration has gone into making Morgan's so very accessible: at the riverboat adventure ride, boats rise to meet visitors rather than visitors having to travel down to get to the boat, there are fast passes for guests who find lines and waiting more difficult than others, waterproof wristbands to help track down guests who might wander off, waterproof wheelchairs, quiet areas for those who need a little time out from the excitement, and even the technology for the quick change of water temperature for those with sensitivity to the cold, according to CNN. 


Fun For All

According to Lonely Planet, founder Gordon Hartman said:  “Morgan’s Inspiration Island will concentrate on inclusion and inspire guests with special needs to do things previously thought not to be in their range of capabilities. Those without disabilities and those with, including individuals in wheelchairs, guests with hearing and visual impairments and even guests on ventilators, will be able to play alongside each other and gain a greater appreciation of one another.” Hartman's daughter Morgan is wheelchair-bound, so he certainly understands the importance of creating joyful spaces that can be accessed by all. 

The Mighty

Visitors of the water park will enjoy a riverboat ride and 5 water play areas called Rainbow Reef (warm water and gentle water play), Calypso Cove (with musical play elements), Hang Ten Harbour (surf-themed with a continuous water wave), Shipwreck Island (with an accessible pirate ship and tipping buckets), and Harvey's Hideaway Bay (with a giant tree house and jungle theme). The amusement park boasts a sensory village, a carousel, an amphitheatre for live shows and performances, a butterfly playground, off-road adventure rides, a wharf, a pirate island playground, sand pits, a music garden, picnic areas, wheelchair swings, and oh so much more. 

This park is open to everyone, however, the icing on the cake is that there is FREE entry for those with special needs. Incredible! 


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