Camping With Kids This Summer Near Melbourne? Here Are Our Top Tips

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Got the need to head out on the open road, get back to nature, and have a memorable family holiday, preferably on a shoestring budget? We love camping here at ellaslist for all those reasons and more. Getting to know our country while leaving the exhausting trappings of modern life behind for a bit? Yes, please! Of course, camping with kids isn't all wine and roses, so we've got some pretty solid tips to help everyone through it. Poor locations, rain, and whiny kids will no longer stand in your way in your bid to harmoniously get away from it all for just a little while.

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Where To Go

That's going to depend on what you want, need, and perhaps how old your kids are. Don't mind spending a few extra dollars? We've got six of the best holiday parks for families in Victoria right here - make the most of the masses of entertainment on offer for kids (including playgrounds, pools, games rooms, bikes, boating, fishing, and sightseeing), huge accommodations and fully-equipped kitchens and bathrooms. Love those rainbow jumping pillows? You're not the only one!

For a mix of paid, free, holiday park and traditional campsites, check out our list of spectacular spots here, including the Wombat State Forest, Firth Park, Upper Yarra Reservoir Park, and the Grampians. These usually include swimming holes, scenic drives, popular fishing spots and other cool things to do while you're out and about. 

Best free camping spots near Melbourne include powered and unpowered sites in Triplet Falls, Kurth Kiln, Gunbower Island, Andersons Garden and more.

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Make It Fun

It takes all kinds to love the great outdoors, and finding everyone's happy points is the key to everyone having a good time. It might pain you to let the teen bring their iPad, but if it means less whining overall then maybe sacrifices have to be made! 

If this is your first time camping with kids, or you've had a rough trot on previous trips, why not check out our ultimate guide to camping with the family, and our best tips for camping with kids. One of the biggest things to keep in mind is lists - lists of what to bring (so your toddler isn't hours from home without his favourite sippy cup), what everyone might like to do when they are at the campsite, and favourite foods to keep spirits up when all are tired and a little bit homesick.

Did rain get you down? Fear not, we've got just the list of things to do when rain interrupts your plans. Told you those lists would come in handy! 

Things To Remember

  1. It's probably going to be cold, knowing Victoria. Even in summer! Take more warm clothing than you think you will need. 
  2. You're also going to have to embrace dirt and mess, especially in a more natural camping environment. If you think someone's going to fare poorly, ensure you have plenty of baby wipes on hand.
  3. Nature = bugs, so take repellent or some mosquito coils, and a soothing spray or aloe for those nasty bites.
  4. Even though it may be cool, if you're spending more time outdoors than you normally might you still need to consider sun protection at all times.
  5. Let everyone know what to expect - to an extent. Forewarned is forearmed, and kids who are likely to find it uncomfortable (and god forbid, boring) can enjoy the whole experience better if they have a heads up of what camping entails.
  6. Consider that you might not get tons of sleep during the night, so plan on plenty of downtimes during the day
  7. Bring comforts from home and plenty of things to do for entertainment that don't require electricity or light to function.
  8. Most of all - embrace the experience! Enjoy what you can and remember it all goes to making amazing memories and strengthening the bonds of a family. This is helpful to remember when all has gone to pot and you're wondering what on Earth possessed you to swap a hot shower and your warm bed for roughing it overnight!

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