An Island With Healing Powers Could Be All Yours For Only $180 A Night

By Hayley Dean, ellaslist

Let's face it, there is no better time to start organising your next holiday than now. You need something to look forward to!

Now let’s think about this; we want sun, we want relaxation…wait sorry sorry, I’ll start that again; we NEED sun, we NEED relaxation, fun, gorgeous views, adventures, Insta worthy destinations to flood our Facebook feeds with, the kids to be happy and best of all, we need it to be affordable.

Well, guess what, we have found the exact location for you.

Get your maps out people and say hello to Slipper Island in New Zealand.

Slipper Island is the southern hemisphere's answer to the Maldives. Located 3 kilometres to the east of the Coromandel Peninsula in New Zealand's North Island and 8 kilometres southeast of the town of Pauanui. You’d likely fly into Auckland, travel to the coast then jump on a 15min water taxi from Tairua.

Ironically, my kids are dancing around to the soundtrack to Moana as I write this which really just seems so fitting as this place looks like her island Motunui!

The island is 224 hectares, 95% of which makes up Slipper Island Resort. The western and southern sides of the island have white sandy beaches while the northern and eastern parts feature rocky cliffs and dramatic volcanic rock formations. As a guest on the island, you essentially have access to the entire place! Sounds dreamy, right?!

There’s a lighthouse (squeal) to walk to and explore, shipwrecks to snorkel, access to watercraft to paddle or kayak, picture-perfect turquoise coloured beaches to swim in or build sand castles or just run run run those energetic kiddies on.

In terms of accommodation, The Slipper Island Resort offers you the option of Glamping in one of the two glamping tents or old fashion camping in the beachside campground. If you prefer a bit more luxury (and an actual bed) there are also 5 chalets and a central lodge with two dorm rooms.

This is the best part, are you sitting down? You can rent the entire complex and island for $2800 a night!! So if you went with a group of friends, say 4 families, that would be only $140 each a night – an entire island for less than a stay-cation in the CBD!

Heard enough – it's time to rally the troops and book.


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