Air New Zealand Launch the World’s First Lie-Flat Economy Seats

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Air New Zealand are dropping the mic in 2024 with the launch of their game-changing 'Skynest'—the world's first lie-flat beds for economy passengers. Finally, those long-haul flights will be a bit more bearable, thanks to these sleep pods debuting on the airline's brand-new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners.

Air New Zealand Launch the World's First Lie-Flat Economy Seats 

Air New Zealand Skynest
Air New Zealand's Skynest

Six ultra-cosy sleep pods, each a generous 6.5 feet long and 22 inches wide, decked out with a pillow, bedding, privacy curtains, and earplugs will be available on Air New Zealand in 2024. These bad boys are designed to give economy-class travellers a taste of first-class comfort without the first-class price tag.

So, Can You Really Get a Full-Length Bed in Economy?

Air New Zealand Skynest
The Skynests are arranged in a bunk-style setup, with three levels of pods.

Yes... and no. Air New Zealand's Skynests are arranged in a bunk-style setup, with three levels of pods. The airline have been perfecting this concept for the last five years, but there's a catch: you can't hog the bed for the whole flight.

Air New Zealand are rolling these out on their longest non-stop flights, starting with the epic Auckland to New York route. Economy passengers can book a Skynest as an add-on that will grant you a four-hour "sleep session". After your four hours are up, there's a half-hour break for a quick clean-up and fresh bedding before the next lucky traveller takes over.

This isn't the airline's first rodeo with lie-flat economy options—they already have the 'Skycouch,' where three seats convert into a bed. But Skynest takes it to the next level, making mid-flight snoozing more common and accessible for everyone flying in the back.

Which Flights is the Skynest Available on?

The timing couldn't be better, as Air New Zealand's Skynests are set to roll out from September 2024 on the epic new 17-hour and 35-minute non-stop flight from Auckland to New York City—now the fourth longest flight in the world.

And What About the Price?

The most important question is, how much will a Skynest add-on set economy passengers back?

According to Chief Customer and Sales Officer Leanne Geraghty, "We're still working through the exact details of how the booking process will work... At this stage, we're looking at around $400 to $600 for the 4-hour period."

Luxe Upgrades for Business Class, Too!

Air New Zealand Skynest
Air New Zealand's Business Premier Luxe suite.

Economy class isn't the only cabin getting a facelift. Air New Zealand are also introducing the Business Premier Luxe suite, giving business-class passengers private quarters with sliding doors and the luxury of dining, too.

The entire cabin overhaul takes inspiration from New Zealand's native Aotearoa, with a forest-themed design and colours reflecting the country's natural beauty and its native bird, the tūī.

Get ready to fly in style and comfort like never before!

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