The 91-Storey Treehouse

  • Wed Jan 23 2019 - Thu Dec 27 2018
  • Preschoolers
    All Ages
  • From: $35.00

By: Carolyn Tate, ellaslist
Dec 21, 2018

The Summer at QPAC program is chockers with fun shows for the whole family, and this is one of the best. If your kids delight in following along the adventures of Andy and Terry and their ever-growing treehouse, the latest instalment is bound to thrill. CDP Kids have followed their success with the stage shows of Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton’s series that has brought us the 13, 26, 52 and 78-Storey Treehouse.

Andy and Terry’s Treehouse has reached an amazing 91 storeys! It’s now more fantastically dangerous than ever, with a deserted desert island, a whirlpool, and a giant spider!

But Andy, Terry and Jill have no idea they’re about to face their biggest challenge yet! Mr Big Nose has sent his grandchildren to the Treehouse, and they don’t want to just sit quietly. Can Andy, Terry and Jill master this extreme babysitting challenge? What does mysterious fortune teller Madam Know-It-All really want? And will the Big Red Button really destroy the world?

ellaslist opinion: Parental supervision required for children participating in workshops but you can grab a pizza and a frozen cocktail from Salt Meats Cheese to help you pass the time.

Where: Playhouse, Queensland Performing Arts Complex, Southbank
When: 123-27 January 2019
Cost: $35-$40

More info: QPAC

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Image credit: QPAC