Kids Club Taigum

  • Toddlers

Located on Handford road next door to Aldi and Coles, Kids Club Taigum brings a new concept to childcare and early learning offering a holistic approach to preschool years. Give your child the best start to their future with our highly praised “Education for Life” program which encourages a life-long love and appreciation for learning.

They believe the best start to a child's future can begin at Kids Club due to 4 key areas they focus on:

  1. Child-led learning tailored to each child's individual personality and interests through play-based interactions
  2. Experienced & Nurturing Educators who are our biggest asset
  3. Nutrition & Physical Activity: Delicious meals created by the "Messiah of Munchkin Food", Annabel Karmel and prepared for your child's unique dietary requirements daily by their qualified Chef.
  4. Premium Playscapes conceived to stimulate creativity and foster imagination.
  5. Respect & Appreciation of all individuals beliefs, cultures and differences.

They understand starting childcare is a big step in the life of our families and believe a strong partnership between parents and educators can help your child during this period of change.

Their open door policy allows parents to come by at any time to either have breakfast with their child, breastfeed or just to read a story during the day.

Kids Club offers a holistic approach to School Readiness encouraging lifelong learning through early childhood education. Their Education for Life Program covers all key learning areas of early childhood development and caters for children from 6 weeks to Preschool.

Kids Club Taigum provide everything your child needs during her day at Kids Club: Heartbeat and breathing monitors in all nursery cots, nappies, wipes, rash creams, bed sheets, bottles and formula, sunscreen, hats, water bottle and a comprehensive Children and Parent Enrolment Pack.

9 hour sessions are also available at Kids Club Taigum.

Opening hours: Monday - Friday: 6.30am - 6.30pm.

For more information, visit their website.