Woolworths Vs Coles: The New App That Lets Shoppers Find the Best Deals

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Imagine cutting through the grocery price noise like a hot knife through butter! Enter stage left: "UpUp", the game-changing app by Trevor Lu and Laurent Tu, who've flipped their personal budget hacks into every Sydneysider's dream come true.

Born from a real-deal, working-class wisdom and a dash of tech-savvy, this app is like having a frugal fairy godparent in your pocket.

Woolworths Vs Coles: The New App That Lets Shoppers Find the Best Deals

UpUp App
Find the best grocery deals with the UpUp App.

Gone are the days of bewildered, aisle-roaming in Coles and Woolworths, trying to suss out the savviest buys. UpUp is your crystal ball into the world of supermarket savings, demystifying deals and bringing the best bargains to light.

The concept is so simple I'm legitimately kicking myself that I didn't think of it first! With the UpUp app, all you have to do is input your shopping list and voila – the app dishes the dirt on where your dollars do the most.

Drifting through deals or mixing and matching between the two retail giants? UpUp has you sorted, potentially padding your wallet with savings that stack up faster than you can say "checkout".

"Laurent and I both come from working-class families where being mindful of our spending was ingrained in our attitudes towards money from childhood,” says Trevor. "I was also swept up in the tech industry layoffs last year and was cutting back on major expenses – I literally had a spreadsheet comparing the prices of items in the same shopping basket from Coles and Woolies."

"After seeing how much I was saving, we realised we could turn this into something that could have a meaningful impact for so many families who are struggling through this cost-of-living crisis," he adds.

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UpUp App Can Save Aussies Big Bucks at the Checkout

By simply choosing where to shop, you could be pocketing an extra $5-$10 off your weekly haul. And for the adventurous shoppers who dare to duel with both retail giants, you're looking at doubling those savings. Over a year? We're talking a treasure trove of savings, potentially over a grand for big families, making a significant dent in the cost-of-living crunch.

So, if your wallets are wilting under the weight of the price tags, and you're done with the duopoly dictating your budget, it's time to swipe right on UpUp.

The UpUp app is available on both the App Store and Google Play Store.

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