Where To See Sunflower Fields Around South East Queensland

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By: Carolyn Tate, ellaslist
Jan 24, 2019 

​There is something truly joyful about a sunflower. They are like big stems of sunshine, so imagine how magical it would be to see whole fields of them! If you live in South East Queensland (SEQ), you don’t have to imagine because in summer time, fields of sunflowers are only a day trip away.

So pack your picnic and grab your camera because we’ve done the groundwork and found out everything you need to know about visiting sunflower fields around South East Queensland: 


You are most likely to find sunflower fields in SEQ blooming from December through to March, depending on when they were planted. Once in bloom they only last 3-4 weeks so when it comes to hunting fields of sunshine, timing is everything! 


There are fields in both the Toowoomba and Warwick regions, with a dedicated 50km “Sunflower Trail” which is marked Tourist Route 11. There are also fields along the New England Highway. We’ve listed some of the top hot spots below:

  • Allora
  • Cambooya
  • Clifton
  • Felton
  • Nobby
  • Warwick

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Because bloom times vary, it’s good to get the low down from those in the know before you set off. Local tourism information centres are a great source of info. Try contacting:

Toowoomba Visitor Information Centre
Phone: (07) 4639 3797
Website: Southern Queensland Country
Social Media: Southern Queensland Country Facebook Page 

Warwick Visitor Information Centre
Phone: 07 4661 3122 
Website: Southern Downs Granite Belt
Social Media: Southern Downs and Granite Belt Facebook Page 

Picture Perfect

Of course, when you find the perfect field you will want to take some pics! Sunset is a particularly magical time to get photos of sunflowers. 

However, be respectful of the fact that these beauties are the livelihood of the farmers that grow them. Don’t enter fields or cross fence lines for the sake of the perfect pic. As well as causing potential damage, trespassing can cause a bio-hazard risk to crops. Also be aware that there may be snakes or other creepy crawlies hiding in the fields so tread with care!

More Blooming Joy

If flowers are your jam, be sure to check out the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers which is held at the end of September each year. You can learn more on the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers website.

Toowoomba also has some amazing parks and gardens which are worth a visit at anytime of the year, including the Japanese Garden, Laurel Bank Park and the Newton Park State Rose Garden. Check out the Southern Queensland Country website for full details.

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Hero Image Credit: Southern Downs and Granite Belt Website