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Remember about 5 years ago when everyone started talking about weighted blankets? Well, they're still around, and people are still talking about them, and that's because they work (we've hyperlinked to the relevant studies below). 

The market for this product has grown, and now there is a massive selection of weighted blankets for kids on offer. 

Before diving into our favourite weighted blankets for kids, let's talk about who should be using a weighted blanket, what age is best for a weighted blanket (Are the blankets even safe for children??!), and what weighted blankets actually help with?

What do weighted blankets do?

The SleepFoundation.Org confirm that weighted blankets have shown positive results for several conditions, including autismADHDsleeplessness and anxiety. 

The Sleep Foundation confirms weighted blankets "can help calm a restless body, reduce feelings of anxiety, and improve sleep troubles.".

We can't forget that one of the main draws of weighted blankets is the calming feeling of pressure enfolding the user, just like a hug, another aspect making them ideal for kids who may be feeling unsettled. 

What age is best for a weighted blanket, and are they safe for children?

You'll notice that most manufacturers will not recommend a weighted blanket for a child under the age of 4. Any younger than that, and there is a risk of suffocation. 

The best way to be safe before using a weighted blanket for your child is to check with your GP first and always read the individual brand's recommendations.  

Without further hesitation, here are our favourite weighted blankets for kids.

The Best Weighted Blankets For Kids

1. The Bearaby Nappling

A weighted blanket for kids to help them sleep better and feel calmer, naturally. Made of 100% organic cotton. This is our pick for the best overall weighted blanket for kids.

Snug as a Bearby in a rug​​​ weighted blanket.

2. Weighted Lap Pads from Calming Moments
    $92.74 – $119.99

This cotton-weighted lap pad or lap blanket is the size of a small tray and lies over your knees. Great for the car, taking to school or just for people who need it when sitting in a chair as a comforting aid. We like it because it's safe and versatile.

Gotta love a transportable blanket! 

3. The Neptune Weighted Blanket II
    $259.00 Sale price $189.00

Now with an now with Aromatherapy pouch, we love the minky cover. The minky feel means a better tactile sensation, no fraying, no bunching and a cleaner, more calming pattern. Make sure you pick the children's option when selecting your blanket.  


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