Watch This! Mum Vs Dad Vs Triplets and Toddler

  • Parents Only

We just couldn’t stop watching these videos! Who would have thought that a mum versus dad challenge on who could get their kids dressed the fastest, would make an engaging video. But let me tell you, we couldn’t take our eyes away.

I guess if you’ve got FOUR KIDS aged TWO YEARS AND UNDER, you would also be tempted to video the dressing-up antics! It is just a little bit chaotic and absolutely hilarious!

First Up…Mum

So, let’s see how super-mum, Corrie-Lynn White, does getting her 8-month old triplets and 2-year old toddler dressed:

OK Dad….Your Turn

And now it’s dad, Dan Gibson’s, turn:

So Who Wins?

Dad was the winner by 12 seconds. And what’s the secret? Onesies with zips instead of studs!

See more of this fun family’s escapades on their facebook Page – The Baby Gang