This Sydney Dentist Will Buy Back Your Kids❜ Lollies This Halloween

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By: Alex Harmon, ellaslist

If you're dreading the onslaught of Halloween sugar, this will be music to your ears (and to your kids' teeth). Bondi Dental have a great initiative to encourage healthy habits this sweet time of year. For the fifth year in a row, they will trade in your sugary treats for cold hard cash.

So if your kids have dollar signs in their eyes and don't mind passing up their lolly loot, get down to Bondi post-Halloween. 

When Can I Take My Lollies Back?

The buy back scheme is happening from November 1-6 and all you have to do is pop in at any time - no appointment necessary. And no, the lollies will not be consumed by the greedy dental staff, everything will be donated to Oz Harvest, a charity that distributes food to those in need!

Show Me The Money

The weighing is done on an electronic scale and offers kids $10 per kilo of candy, so for example, the dentists will pay $1 for 100 grams (they will buy up to 2 kilos per person.)

To find out more, check out Bondi Dental's Facebook page

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