This Daycare Is Offering A Takeaway Dinner Service For Kids

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By: Alex Harmon, ellaslist

One of life's most annoying household chores is feeding toddlers. For starters, they want to be fed so early, and secondly they usually don't appreciate the spicy curry you and your partner so desperately want for dinner.

Well, one Sydney childcare centre has solved all of our problems and introduced a takeaway dinner service that is prepared fresh for you to be whisked away as you pick up your treasured darlings. 

Learn and Laugh Children’s Centres (found all over Sydney) are now offering delicious ‘home cooked’ dinners for parents to take with them when they pick up their children. For just $5 per box, parents can pick up a wholesome take-home meal to feed their family. Did somebody say life-hack!?

Über Yummy Eats

An added bonus is that the food prepared at the centre is food the children usually love, like chicken stir fry with rice and spaghetti bolognese. The dinners are also always different to what the children ate at lunch time.

“Being a working parent myself, I understand firsthand how tiring it is to finish a day of work and then go home to prepare a meal for the kids, not to mention all the other tasks that need to get done like helping with homework, reading to the kids etc.

"At Learn and Laugh we’re always looking for ways to make our parents life easier and the dinner initiative was an obvious solution,” says Lilach Weininger, co-Founder of Learn and Laugh children’s Centres.

Importantly this service allows parents more precious time to spend with their children, a scarce commodity nowadays.

Thinking Outside Of The Box

Fiona O’Brien, whose child attends Learn and Laugh’s Rosebery centre says she loves the take away dinners: “It means we always have dinner for Joey as soon as we get home - he doesn’t have to wait for us as we usually eat later! He definitely prefers Ana the chef’s cooking to mine too!” 

Another parent, Olivia says: “We absolutely love the dinner service. The bolognese is delicious and it’s such a relief to not have to worry about dinner after a long day at work and daycare. I have mentioned it to my friends, whose children are also at daycare, and they wish it was available for them. It is such a thoughtful service!”

Now, we all know it's a universal truth that kids will eat anything at daycare but turn their noses up at home... I wonder how this service will translate for many of us! 

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