The Ultimate Date Night...Every Night

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By: Phoebe Ackland, ellaslist

So much Netflix and chill! Check out this super cool bed that could let you have the ultimate date night, every night.

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Source: The LAD Bible Facebook

Introducing…The iNyx

This is seriously the best bed ever in terms of after-dark entertainment. Created by the US company iNyx, their campaign on Indiegogo claims it is the “world’s most advanced, futuristic bed.”
The bed has 18 extravagant features including including in-built privacy blinds, drink holders for a cheeky pre-bed glass of champs, slide-down home theatre screen, built-in sound system, HD projector, light system, lighting mode that resembles the night sky (romantic!), an aroma dispenser (oh, come on) and more.
It claims to be high-tech and affordable, and we reckon it’s the most compact date night you’ll ever have. Whilst the campaign hasn’t reached its goal yet to start manufacturing, a pledge of $1337 AUD will get you one of these babies, an extra $800 AUD will have it shipped to your door, available in red, white and black.

[caption id=“attachment_116694” align=“alignnone” width=“750”]inyx 2 Source: Indiegogo[/caption]

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