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Picking a kids' makeup kit is no easy feat. Seriously, if you dive into Google, there are endless options. But here’s the thing: no two kids' makeup kits are equal.

If you’re looking for natural kids' makeup that has an eye on being non-toxic, often vegan but always animal friendly, then here’s the list for you.

The Best Natural Kids' Makeup Kits

1. Oh Flossy

Oh Flossy makes gorgeous natural makeup designed especially for kids.

Oh Flossy is a family-run Australian-owned business with a thoughtful collection of beautifully designed kits designed to encourage kids to get creative with makeup. Focussing on natural alternatives and shimmery hues, little ones can explore imaginative play and build self-confidence with safe products that are super cute!

Oh Flossy kids play makeup and face paint is safe for sensitive skin, completely non-toxic and washes off with water. They also have biodegradable cosmetic glitters, cool accessories (including the signature sprinkle brushes) and awesome nail polishes.

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2. Pure Poppet

If you're looking for kids' make-up for the real littlies, Pure Poppet has an all-natural kit for younger kids (think around age 10) who want to experiment with lip balms and mineral eyeshadows. The Natural Play Makeup Box is their most popular kit. It comes in a bright pink box, filled with all the goodies needed for makeup playtime and a mirror, costing $34.95.

3. No Nasties

Kids makeup natural
Check out the No Nasties makeup range, it's extensive!

It’s all in the name, isn’t it? No Nasties kid's makeup is packed with only natural and vegan-friendly products. And best of all, none are tested on animals. The range is extensive, with everything from eyeshadow palettes to lightly tinted lip balms and non-toxic nail varnish. This brand is really suitable for young tweens just experimenting with makeup.

4. Kooki U 

This Australian makeup brand was launched by a former dancer who was sick of being plastered with adult makeup for shows. Today, Kooki U is the leading choice for both performance kid's makeup but also at-home makeup kits. Each kit even comes in a metal case so it lasts the distance. Perfect for young teen girls who’ve grown out of their first kit.

5. E.L.F Cosmetics

natural kids makeup kits
E.L.F has become the go-to makeup for teens. Image supplied.

For sophisticated teens, then the go-to makeup kit is by E.L.F Cosmetics. The beauty brand has managed to carve a neat little corner of the kid's makeup market by creating a high-quality product, set within attractive packaging while also staying affordable. And E.L.F stands for every eye, lip and face. Great present when strapped with what to buy a teen!

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