The Stroller-Suitcase Hybrid You Need

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By: Phoebe Ackland, ellaslist

Here’s the latest travel accessory you NEED if you’re planning a journey with a 0-4 year old. Whilst the idea of airports and luggage and prams can reduce the most organised mother to tears, we think this innovative jewel might just be able to relieve some of that inevitable stress.

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Source: PopSugar Celebrity

Where To Get One

This genius product from Born To Fly Baby is designed by husband and wife team Benjamin and Josie Newman and is getting quite a bit of attention on Kickstarter. They claim the product is not just a stroller and not just a suitcase- but has the following special features making it the ultimate family item to take on trips: a USB device charger, a portable change purse & a dirty laundry organiser among other things.

You can get a super-duper-early bird special on Kicstarter now, where for just $299 you can get the Born To Fly Baby, expected to increase to about $599 when it goes live! It could be at your door by May 2017. Sign us up!

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