The Sexiest Baby Carrier In The World

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By: Phoebe Ackland, ellaslist

For dads who want to turn heads in the playground, this Mission Carrier military-grade baby carrier will do just the trick. Dads and bubs can go commando with this bad boy that is frankly, making us swoon.

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Source: Fatherly

Some Seriously Daring Playdates Await

Whether dad just wants to look badass cruising the supermarket aisles or needs a seriously industry-grade carrier for outdoorsy and rugged adventures (not sure how rugged you could get with a 6-month-old cradled to your chest, but hey, to each their own), the Mission Critical carrier is a must-have. Special features include an attachable backpack meaning there will be precious cargo strapped to all sides of him, a hidden sun shield for those hot weather treks, zippered pockets for phones and wallets, and mesh webbing for serious airflow, in case dad is a sweater.

It retails for about $235 AUD, but the bad news is: it’s currently only available for shipping in the United States. One word: DILF.

[caption id=“attachment_120143” align=“alignnone” width=“750”]mission critical baby 2 Source: Fatherly[/caption]

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