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If you haven’t take the family down to Eat Street yet, what have you been doing? The Northshore venue is decked out in party lights and has just about every food you could ever dream of. Add a range of super-fun live entertainment, plenty of open spaces and nooks to hide away, and a permanent party vibe and you’ve got yourself some family fun on tap.

But with all those options to choose from, how on earth do you decide what to feed your face with? We’re here to help!

(Hot tip: Remember to bring enough cash to pay $3 per person for entry.)

Salty Sailor

Salty Sailor has all manner of delicious seafood fried fresh and waiting for your order, but we like to start any day here for the sweet potato fries. Crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside. Salty Sailor also boast “the best chips in the universe”. We’ll be testing that out next time we visit.

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Little Lady Peruvian cuisine

If you’re after something packed with flavour, hearty and warm, head to Little Lady for their delicious paella. Loaded with chicken and chorizo, it’s also gluten and dairy free!

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Ever had a Japanese pizza or wondered what the hell that would even look like? The thick pancake-like fritter (think okonomiyaki if you’re a Japanese cuisine fan) is made of cabbage and flour, and comes topped with options like bacon and corn. Then it’s all covered in Japanese mayo and teriyaki sauce. Fusion food at its finest!

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Poulet & Porc

Euro eating at its finest, if you’re a pork belly fan (and it’s hard to imagine why you wouldn’t be), you might be interested in a burger of crispy pork belly, crackling, apple slaw, pickles and chipotle aioli on brioche. Or is it just us?

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The Doughnut Bar

Guaranteed to get your kids’ attention! We don’t know if these guys invented the doughnut fries, or if they’re just nailing it, but either way, we’re sold on these sweet fried little delights. How do doughnut fries topped with toasted marshmallows, crushed Oreos and Nutella sauce sound? Thought so…

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Byron Gelato

Handmade gelato and sorbets all the way from Byron Bay. These geniuses have combined gelato with a taco (a tacolato?), turning an open waffle cone side-on, dipping it in Cadbury chocolate and sprinkles, and filling with your favourite gelato and toppings. Seriously.

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Eat Street

Where: Macarthur Avenue, Hamilton

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