The Best Dad Videos and Moments of 2016

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From stacking Cheerios to enlightening videos on how (not) to change a nappy, we’ve rounded up the best Dad videos that’ll leave you in tears.

1. Why Kids Can’t Be Left Alone With Their Dad

Ever left your kid with Dad thinking that nothing could possibly go wrong? Well, these Dads have recorded exactly what happens when they take care of the kids on their own. Read up on Why Kids Can’t Be Left Alone With Their Dad.


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Source: BoredPanda

2. Dad’s Dance with Babies in a Hilariously Awesome Video

Music is a gift that can bring people together. We dare you to not smile as these Dads Dance with their Babies to Play That Funky Music.


3. How to Be the Best Dad Ever

Parenthood is hard and there’s no perfect way to do it, but that does’t mean that there aren’t a few secrets to being a good dad. Doyin Richards, a dad writing for Upworthy shares 5 reasons why mums and the kiddies adore our dads.



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4. The Quad Babies That Can’t Stop Laughing at Dad

We challenge you to not burst out laughing! This is the cutest thing you’ll see all day, and there’s roughly around 8 million people who would agree. Watch these adorable quad babies laugh at their dad.


5. Mum Vs Dad Vs Triplets and Toddler

Who would have thought that a mum versus dad challenge on who could get their kids dressed the fastest, would make an engaging video. But let me tell you, we couldn’t take our eyes away. Watch the Mum Vs Dad Vs Triplets and Toddler video and see if you can do better!



6. What Happens When Dad is Left to Babysit

One dad has created an ingenious ways to babysit. Enjoy seeing What Happens When Dad is Left to Babysit.



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7. How To Change A Nappy

How to DAD knows exactly how to handle changing a nappy, in more than one way. It’s absolutely hilarious and if you’ve ever seen a new dad (or a man without any kids) changing a nappy, you’ll completely agree they’ve got it spot-on. Check How To Change A Nappy.


8. If Men Could Get Pregnant

You’ve probably wondered at least once in your life what it would be like if men could get pregnant. Wonder no more and watch If Men Could Get Pregnant.



9. The Cereal-ously Silly Cheerio Challenge

The Cheerio Challenge combines patience, aerodynamics and a willing baby. This is how it works: while your baby is napping, you stack as many cheerios as you can manage on their face. You may have come across a few pics on Facebook, enjoy the highlights in The Cereal-ously Silly Cheerio Challenge.



10. The Rise of Dadchelor Parties (Baby Showers for Dads)

Dads are embracing fatherhood with these rib-cracking funny and touching Dadchelor Parties! Traditionally, baby showers have been exclusively focused on mothers. Dadchelor Parties have taken on the goal of baby showers but with their own twist…