The Baby Pod- We Checked, It❜s Real!

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By: Phoebe Ackland

When we first saw this video, we thought it was too bizarre to be true- but it is an actual buyable product from Babypod! Check out the product claiming to improve your unborn baby’s brain development through the power of music.


An Unusual Device

That’s right, it is a speaker of sorts inserted into a pregnant woman’s vagina – the media is even calling it the ‘musical tampon’! Foetuses are now said to be able to hear sounds from as little as 16 weeks in the womb. You can send your own voice recording straight to the womb, or classical music, lullabies, rock music….just about anything! Researchers working on the product first found that music played to embyros in incubators positively affected IVF results, and that babies in the womb were stimulated by the music coming from the device and responded by moving their tongues and mouths! Truly groundbreaking stuff.


Want One?

The Babypod website does not list Australia as a region that you can buy this product from, and search results from Ebay and Amazon Australia came up empty. Don’t fret- we’re sure this interesting item will find its ways to our shores one way or another.



babypod Source: Babypod[/caption]

Would You Use A Babypod, or is it too sci-fi for you?! Comment below!

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