The 12 Apostles Hot Springs & Resort is Coming in 2026

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Remember those pre-kid days of spontaneous road trips, leisurely dinners, and uninterrupted spa days? Good news, parents! The 12 Apostles Hot Springs & Resort is creating a luxurious escape for mums and dads like us who need a break from the daily grind of parenting.

Your Dream Escape Awaits at The 12 Apostles Hot Springs & Resort

The 12 Apostles resort
Need a parents' time-out?


Opening in 2026, this resort promises to be the ultimate spot for relaxation. Swap those noisy toys and sticky fingers for the soothing sounds of nature and geothermal waters. Imagine bathing in mineral-rich hot springs, having a peaceful meal without having to cut anyone's meat, and then retiring to an eco pod for the night. Pure bliss!

Spa Benefits and More

12 Apostles Hot Springs & Resort
2026 can't come soon enough!


It's not just about relaxation, though. These hot springs come with real health benefits! From reducing stress (yes, please!) to promoting healthy skin and increasing blood circulation, this isn't just a holiday; it's a wellness retreat for weary parents.

Food, Glorious Food

Gone are the days of quick microwavable dinners. At the resort, you can indulge in gourmet meals or casual bites, all without having to worry about cleaning up afterward! Oh, the joy of dining without cutting up anyone else's food!

A Unique Experience in Victoria

The 12 Apostles resort and spa
Your ultimate relaxation spot.

The 12 Apostles Hot Springs & Resort is joining the ranks of Victoria's renowned hot springs. But with 79 hectares of land, 150 luxury rooms, and eco pods, it's not just a getaway; it's a paradise for parents in need of a recharge.

2026 Can't Come Soon Enough

Mums and dads, we know parenting is a 24/7 job, but you deserve a break too! Mark your calendar for 2026, pack your bags, and leave those snack negotiations behind.

The 12 Apostles Hot Springs & Resort isn't just a vacation spot; it's a chance for parents to remember what it's like to enjoy a peaceful moment. So, start planning your escape, because tranquility awaits!

Looking for more information? Head to the 12 Apostles Hot Springs & Resort website, and dream of the amazing things to come. 

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