Sydney Opera House To Introduce ❛Sleepovers❜

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By: Alex Harmon, ellaslist

The Sydney Opera House may soon be opening its doors to guests who want to stay overnight in the iconic building overlooking Sydney Harbour.

The New South Wales Department of Planning and Environment told the Guardian they would assess a proposal to allow six spaces inside the Opera House to be temporarily converted and used for “experience accommodation”.

The Utzon Room and the Board Room would be converted into “Danish-themed” luxury suites – complete with queen-sized beds, desks and sofas – in which to house five guests for up to two nights, five times a year.

Although not as luxurious, they would also have cot-type beds in the northern and southern foyers of the Joan Sutherland Theatre and the Concert Hall that sleep up to 100 people on a single occasion each year.


However not everyone is happy about the ‘exotic Opera House hotel’.

The son of Opera House architect Jorn Utzon, Jan Utzon (who is a Denmark-based architect) told the Australian it puts the interior spaces at risk of damage.

“This seems to me a strange idea, and would be like allowing churches, town halls, power station­s and parliament buildings to be made available for public use, as a hotel,” he said. “Why mix functions in this way? Are we, as an affluent society, really in need of this kind of entertainment?”

Yet it’s not the first time the Sydney Opera House has hosted an overnight event. During the Vivid Festival, an eight-hour performance by Max Richter called ‘Sleep’ saw 158 guests provided with bedding to experience a live contemporary music performance.

If the plans do go ahead you might even be able to stay for free! Opera House management is considering introducing a lottery-style system for guests to stay. They believe that idea may get the public onside.

Do you need convincing? Would you like to stay in the sails of the Opera House? We’d love to hear from you.