Sydney Festival 2019: Best Events For Families And Kids

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By: Alex Harmon, ellaslist

There's so much to love about summer in Sydney and we believe Sydney Festival is the salt and pepper that accentuates all the flavour of this vibrant, tasty, cultural city we live in! 

Sydney Festival will be held from 9–27 January 2019 and the exciting program full of the highest quality art and big ideas has just been launched. Want to know the best events for families and kids this 2019 season? Here are our top picks, some of them won't cost you a dime! 


Look up into the sky, kids! Sure to be a crowd pleaser for all ages, the Heliosphere dream of flying to life in a jaw-dropping way. Twenty metres above the crowd, a giant, glowing lunar balloon filled with helium floats and dips, suspending a talented aerialist like a marionette. The aerialist performs elaborate twists, turns and tricks to create the illusion of weightless levitation, swooping down to shake hands with the audience one minute and soaring back up into the skyline the next. 
When and Where: Prince Alfred Square in Parramatta from 11 to 13 January. 
How much: Free

Apollo 11 at Barangaroo South 

Could this be the most Instagrammable event? We'd put money on it and double down on the fact that your kids are going to love it too. The public artwork pays tribute to the heroes of space travel, from astronauts to mathematicians and beyond. Go exploring around Barangaroo South to spot the giant orange figures that are here as part of a city-wide commemoration of Apollo 11, the 1969 space flight that first landed people on the moon.
When and Where: 9–27 January, Barangaroo South
How much: Free

Moon Drops at Darling Harbour

Are you seeing a lunar theme here? Another event which pays tribute to space travel, this interactive event could even be 'best in show' for our kids. Here they can experience weightlessness inside the earth’s gravitational pull and float through the air, with giant bouncy water-filled droplets Moon Drops. Head down to Darling Harbour, slip off your shoes and test out your leap-frog skills on five bouncy pads, that you can play, step, jump and roll on – like a rubber-encased drop of water or a mysteriously shifting spec of mercury, but scaled up by 1000%.
When and Where: 9–27 January, Darling Harbour 
How much: Free


Combining yoga, wrestling and aerial gymnastics, this 2 hour peformance from India needs to be seen to be believed! Five extraordinary physical artists ewill perform feats of strength, poise and dexterity in a physical spectacle that borders on the impossible. And it's free so there's no excuse not to go along! 
When and Where: From 11 to 13 January, Prince Alfred Square in Parramatta
How much: Free

Splash Test Dummies

How is it possible to combine synchronised swimming on unicycles? You'll have to come along to this hour-long slapstick aquatic adventure. With ‘Muscle Beach’ human balancing acts and water skiing through the theatre, kids will absolutely have a ball with this.
When and Where: From 11 to 13 January, Riverside Theatre Parramatta
How much: $26 + bf.

Fly Me To The Moon

Yep, the 50th anniversary of the moon landing celebrations keep coming with this interactive event that needs you to take part! This visiting art installation at World Square has you peddling on the wild “flying bike” sculpture to collectively cycle the 384,400 kilometres to the moon. Can we make it? Start peddling, get involved in organised rides or donate the kilometres from your daily bike travel or gym sessions so we can get to the moon!
When and Where: 9-27 January, World Square
How much: Free 

The Nutcracker And I

This reimagining of Tchaikovsky's enchanting Christmas tale merges piano, ballet and state-of-the-art digital animations in a trailblazing multimedia treat for all ages. The 50-minute performance keeps the Christmas spirit alive with fairy dust and swirling snow behind a see-through gauze.
When and Where: 9-27 January, World Square
How much: $40-70 +bf

A Ghost In My Suitcase


Leaving behind her grieving father and brother in Australia, twelve-year-old Celeste travels to Shanghai to scatter her Chinese mother’s ashes in the Isle of Clouds, her 500-year-old ancestral home. Based on Gabrielle Wang’s thrilling novel, winner of the 2009 Aurealis Award for Best Children’s Novel. Suitable for kids aged 8+
When and Where: 9-19 January, Sydney Opera House
How much: $56-71 +bf

For a full Sydney Festival 2019 program, click here.

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