Step Inside Donald Trump❜s Head At Barangaroo

  • Preschoolers

By: Melissa Fine, ellaslist 

Donald Trump has officially landed in Sydney - or his head has, we should say, on a footpath by the water at Barangaroo. 

It's hard to miss the bus shelter-sized art installation of the US president, and until 24 September, you have the chance to get up close and personal with Trump, nose-up, his furrowed brow and very orange head rising from the ground. 

The work of Melbourne artist Callum Morton, the caricature-style Monument #32: Helter Shelter also gives passers by the chance to sit inside Trump's hollow head - the concave back of the shelter is complete with a flaming design and even a seat so you can make yourself comfy. But how comfortable can you really feel sitting in the blazing head? 

"This voiceless, hollowed out, fun fair head, that reminds one of the famous Luna Park entrance across the harbour, conscripts the image of the current American President to play a role in our everyday lives by providing a place to rest and be protected," according to Sydney Contemporary.

The Trump head is one of three artworks installed at Barangaroo as part of the the Sydney Contemporary, so you'll want to make a point of checking out the others while you're here: Remote Sensor by Cameron Robbins is a drawing machine powered by the wind, with at least one artwork being produced in a day in live time - and plenty more than this under heavier winds. 

The third installation artwork, Mel O'Callaghan's Breath Repertoire is a 15-minute performance piece (at 12.30pm on 6, 7 and 13 September) featuring the Sydney Dance Company and harpist Claire Cooper, where movement and music serve as a medium for exploring the breath. 


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