The Best Sensory Boxes in Australia

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Hands up who’s heard of a sensory box? For kids and families eager to explore stimulating hands-on play, sensory boxes can be an invaluable way to have maximum fun while also managing the stress of everyday activities.

With a sensory box, you have a toolbox of strategies to help your littlies navigate tension or anxiety, increase focus and concentration, help regulate emotions, and even calm and soothe, all located right at their fingertips in the comfort of home (or in a bag for on the go).

Everyone wins with these six best sensory boxes, accessible all over Australia.

Six of the Best Sensory Boxes in Australia

1. Lovevery Play Kits

Lovevery sensory box
The Lovevery Play Kits, one for every age and every stage.


Unlock the full potential of your child's developing brain with Lovevery's Play Kits. Designed by a team of experts, academics, researchers, and specialists, Lovevery provides stage-based play essentials that are not just toys but tools for learning and growth. Each product is crafted with your child's developmental milestones in mind, offering a unique blend of fun and education.

Made for Learning: Everything from Lovevery is created with the goal of fostering confidence in parents and promoting developmental advancements in children. The Play Kits a comprehensive system supporting your child's brain development at each critical stage.

Stage-Based Play: Lovevery's award-winning guidance and products are tailored to meet your child's needs as they grow. From infancy through toddlerhood and beyond, these Play Kits ensure that playtime is always an opportunity for learning, exploration, and development.

Thoughtfully Crafted: Sustainability and safety are at the heart of Lovevery's design philosophy. Using durable, sustainable, and organic materials, Lovevery ensures that each product is not only safe for your child but also kind to the planet. 

Why Families Choose Lovevery: Lovevery offers a support system for parents, complete with expert developmental information, easy-to-follow tips, and engaging playtime ideas. 

Discover the difference thoughtful design and expert guidance can make in your child's life. Choose Lovevery for playtime that's both meaningful and fun, designed to support your little one's development every step of the way.

2. The Creative Toy Shop - First Crafts Sensory Craft Box - Jungle Dough

Six of the Best Sensory Boxes in Australia including Messy Caterpillar Sensory Boxes
My Creative Box - First Crafts Sensory Craft Box - Jungle Dough


Embark on a sensory journey through the jungle with the My Creative Box - First Crafts Sensory Craft Box - Jungle Dough. This box is your ticket to hours of imaginative play and creative exploration, designed to engage little hands and minds in the vibrant world of jungles.

In the box discover 6 tubs of brightly coloured and enticingly scented play dough, ready to be transformed into exotic jungle scenes. The kit includes 8 reusable Australian illustrated play dough mats, providing a backdrop for your child's dough creations. A sturdy art board serves as the canvas for their imaginative play, while the jungle dough craft ideas book offers inspiration for endless jungle-themed masterpieces.

Designed and illustrated in Australia, this sensory craft box is a highlight of the 'Create on the Go' collection, offering the perfect blend of creativity, convenience, and fun.

3. Sensory Street

Sensory Street Wooden Wonders Unicorn Gift Box
Sensory Street Wooden Wonders Unicorn Gift Box.

With a host of sensory boxes to choose from, Sensory Street was the brainchild of two sisters on a quest to bring calm and focus to kiddos needing it most. You can create your own box or choose from one of the 19 carefully already curated ready-made boxes like ‘Globber’s Top 10 Sensory and Fidget Box’ or ‘Silky’s Tiny Tots Dragon Themed box’.

Sensory Street provides a multi-sensory environment for families on the hunt for tangible coping mechanisms.

4. Little Olive Montessori Sensory Box

 Little Olive Montessori Sensory Box
Little Olive Montessori Sensory Box.

If you’re looking to add a little sensory magic to your kid's gift list, then look no further than the Little Olive Montessori Sensory Box. This box enables your curious kiddos to become Seekers, Adventurers and Explorers as they explore a nature box filled with everyday backyard essentials.

Each Little Olive Montessori Sensory Box contains wooden spoons, a metal pie tin, paper patty pans, tongs, pine cones, seedpods, gum nuts, lemon myrtle, and gum leaves to create the perfect opportunity for learning and creating.

5. My Sensory Space

My Sensory Space Boredom Buster Fidget Pack.

There’s something for everyone at My Sensory Space - pop it board games, fidget packs, sensory pods, chew necklaces, and 9 awesome Fidget boxes filled to the brim with all sorts of goodies guaranteed to give kiddos hours of sensory playtime. Make the most of the limited-time half-price pop sale and free shipping for orders over $120. Get those stocking fillers now!

6. Sensory Explorers

Sensory explorers
Sensory Explorer's Box.


Dive into a world of textures, colors, and sounds with the a Sensory Explorer's Box. Tailored for curious minds, this box brings a new theme each month, from underwater adventures to jungle explorations. Perfect for sensory play and developmental growth.

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