Salad Will Never Be The Same Again

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By: Phoebe Ackland, ellaslist

The only thing worse than the laborious task of individually chopping every vegetable you wish you invite to your salad party, is when you get a salad that’s not chopped finely enough- and you can barely fit a single lettuce leaf into your mouth! All salad woes are a thing of the past with this cool salad device- meet the 60-Second Salad Maker!

Source: Invention A Day Youtube

Who Said You Can’t Make Friends With Salad?

“Rinse, chop and serve almost any salad is seconds”- that’s the “60 Second Salad Maker” promise. The product began on Kickstarter with a goal of $5000 to become a buyable product. It’s smashed that goal, now raking in over $300,000 from 11,755 excited backers, meaning that it will become available for purchase this Saturday from 6.30pm! If you GET IN QUICK before Saturday evening, you can pledge just $14 AUD plus an additional $10 for shipping to secure yourself one of the very first 60 Second Salad Makers on the market- to be shipped right to your door by May 2017.

60 second

The Easiest Salad You’ve Ever Made

Whether you want a fruit salad for the kids, or a salad to mix with some chicken for dinner, this handy device can get it to you quick-smart. It’s virtually mess-free, easy to operate, simple to throw in the dishwasher, and best of all, will encourage you to eat fresh, healthy vegetables. The finished product is said to expected to be made from “BPA-free, food grade materials” with a transparent top and light green base. Who wants the nifty 60 second salad maker? We do!

salad maker

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